Xianqiao Underground River

Xian qiao Underground River is formed by two sections of Underground River and a middle section of Minghe River. It is running from west to east. The river surface is very quiet. It takes you 2 hours by boat to travel the whole journey. If you visit the first section of the underground river by boat, there will be groups of bats flying out. The length of the underground river is over 300 meters.  Holes are in caves and caves are in rivers. When you pass through the underground river, you can get to Jiuqu Rivulet. It is a section of Minghe River and its length is 1.500 meters. There are Chinese banana, green bamboos, and rice paddy and farm cattle on the both banks. It is a beautiful rurality. And then you can go to another section of the underground river from the hillock of mountain, where the river surface is a little wider. And there are crystal-like stalactites in the cave, and among them there is a Changbaishan which is 6 meter high and 17meter long. It is blanketed with white color and is worthy of its name. There are falls and lakes in the underground river. Among them, there are three Small Islands in the lakes.

More interestingly, at present, we have not found the exit of the cave because of its anfractuous and dazzling structure of hall in the river surface. Presently, you can go deep into it for 1.300 meters and must come back along the original way. There are also some other scenic spots around Xianjiao Underground River, for example, there is Lute Cave and Quartz Land on the first section of Underground River. There is a new village which is 3 kilometers away in the west of the scenic spot; there are four unceasing hot spring in about 500 meters; in the south of the scenic spot there is a Xianqiao Bridge which is 28 meters long and built by stones. Though it is impacted by floods for tens of thousands years, it still well stand firmly. It is said that it was built by celestial beings so it gains the name Xianqiao Bridge. There is a Yinghong Tea Field which is 8 kilometers in the north of the scenic spot, where are tea forest all over the mountains and plains. The landscape is very beautiful.

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