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China's Largest Tower Crane Export to Europe

China's Largest Tower Crane Export to Europe

Write: Glendon [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2009-12-30

December 8, ZOOMLION International Co., Ltd. signed export contract of a tower crane TC8039-25 with its agent GAMA in Istanbul, Turkey, thus creating a record of China's export of largest tower crane to Europe.
1. Development Background:
TC8039-25 is designed for Europe and the United States, Australia and other developed countries with special requirements in performance, rate, height, attached height, as well as transportation costs. Through R & D and market survey, as well as long-term communication and cooperation with customers, it is born in the development and full understanding of the market demand with the most optimal product configuration in early 2009.
2. Technical characteristics:
Strictly in accordance with CE standard, and a maximum lifting arm among the same international models, TC8039-25, can lift up to 80 meters with maximum weight of 25 tons; general reference to international container freight which can maximize the use of transport space and greatly save transportation costs; steel welding operator and welding processes are by T V S D which is in accordance with international certification standard AWS D14.3/D14.3M. TC8039-25 is not only ZOOMLION largest export model, but also the largest to Europe for China. This tower crane will be used for a large hydroelectric dam in Istanbul for a period of three years construction (2009 -2011)
In short, TC8039 technical features are: wide applicability, high-performance integrated, scientific storage, low cost of transportation and cost-effective.
3. Sales Process:
This ZOOMLION tower crane is the first to be used for major infrastructure construction projects since 2006 in Turkish market. In the course of the bid, ZOOMLION brand gained the trust of customers with a good reputation, excellent product performance, high quality of service and other advantages over the world's third largest tower crane brand Comansa. It not only consolidate first brand of tower crane for China in the Turkish market, but also a strong impetus to China's overseas sales for tower cranes in overseas markets, especially in developed countries.
4. Delivery Time
Recently, TC8039-25 is among the project and will be completed and sent to the port in the last day of December. Then we will send highly skilled engineers to guide and train in the aspect of use and maintenance.
5. Customer Evaluation
ZOOMLION tower crane is prior to high safety, reliability, stable performance, easy maintenance and low cost.
China's Largest Tower Crane Export to Europe

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