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Luming Park, an Ecological Park to be Constructed

Luming Park, an Ecological Park to be Constructed

Write: Genesis [2011-05-20]

Luming Park, an Ecological Park to be Constructed

The Effect Drawing of the Second Project along Shiliangxi River

Luming Park, the second project of Shiliangxi River, Covering an area of 0.5 km2, epitomizes the beautiful ecological scene of the west district. It is said by the person in charge of the project in the west district administration committee that Luming Park will be constructed into an ecological and humanistic park by taking good advantage of the present natural condition and detecting the historical and cultural connotation of the district.

The range of Luming Park covers the greens in and along the river from Huayuan bridge to Baiyun bridge. The left bank is to embody the overall cultural line. Based on the function of flood control, it will be constructed into park greens with some platforms by the water and entertainment region, and is extended as far as to the city scene. While the islets in the river and the right bank will keep the natural scene as possible.

A vigorous scene -- along the water

In the Shiliang River, a natural islet, also named as Jingfengzhou Islet has once been very beautiful for its ecological environment, with crowds of egrets on it. Recently, the right side of the islet was filled with silt and dried up. In order to be returned to the beautiful original scene, the river will be dredged and transformed. Meanwhile, the marshland at the lower reaches will be kept for birds to dwell on.

In order to produce a waterbody scene in a large size, a 100-meter wide rubber dam is to be built, which will raise the water level of Shiliang River, to broaden the river, and to form a waterfall by the drop of water levels.

A colourful garden -- on the hill

During the construction of Luming Park, the main body, Lumingshan Hill will be maintained. When making an on-the-scene investigation, the designers found some pumice stones were really nice, among which, one looked just like a fish back surfacing on the water. So they will design the scene based on the shape.

So far, the green laying has started. The landscaping will be maintained and developed into an unique city garden. The designing will highlight the species of trees with various leaves colours to enrich the city colour. The park focus on the trees with autumn tints, and secondary is the spring flowers species, which includes deciduous trees for flowers, leaves, or fruits appreciation. Then, the scene in the park will vary in seasons and characterized as elegant taste, echoing with the Yueliangwan Park that mainly grows spring flower species.

In Luming Park, lies a terraced field. It is designed to grow some rape and wheat for appreciation. The orange forest on the islet will also be maintained, and some local species will be added to it.

A historical park in the story

The cultural theme is the soul of park designing, and the key of the construction. The designing plan of Luming Park is to explore the historical humanism accumulation, thus the park will present its nice natural scene and long historical culture connotation.

The origin of Lumingshan was recorded in the early history. In the book, Shi Jing ? Xiao Ya ? Lu Ming , written With pleased sounds the deer call to one another, eating the celery of the fields.I have here admirable guests. The lutes are struck, and the organ is blown . In the ancient time, Luming Hill is covered with lush forest, in which flowed the stream, blosomed the flowers, and flied the butterflies and the birds. During the Jiajing Year of Ming Dynasty, Liu Chuquan, the military governor of Quzhou Government, set up the Dongyue Temple here. When setting up the temple, the craftsmen often heard the deers calling, hence the name. On the hill, word as Stream openned from the Heaven was carved on the stone near the stream, which later became the entertainment place.

What made Lumingshan Hill gain its reputation is the Plum Blossom Tomb. During the Ming Dynasty, a governor in Quzhou Government named Qu Pu, whose concubine, Zhao Ji, was an unrivalled beauty. She was good at playing pipa, as well as other music instruments, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Zhao Ji came from Guangling (now Yangzhou), and she accompanied Qu Pu came to Quzhou to take office by renting a ship. When the ship went near to Lumingshan Hill, Zhao Ji said it was similar to her hometown. After Zhao Ji s death, she was buried on Lumingshan Hill. Her tomb was surrounded by plum trees, therefore, the tomb also named as Plum Blossom Tomb. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the literatus often went to Lumingshan Hill in groups to playing music and composing the poems for memorizing her.

Now, Lumingshan Hill is totally different from what it had been for neither Dongyue Temple nor Plum Blossom Tomb is on the hill. But, in order to hand down the cultural connotation, the project planned to collect the historical remains, fragments and stories and integrate them into the designing of Lumingshan Hill. Then, Lumingshan Hill will hold beautiful scenery as well as historical stories.