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Trip for Jilin-Taiwan Cooperation

Trip for Jilin-Taiwan Cooperation

Write: Yestin [2011-05-20]

July 4 to 10, the Taiwan compatriots greeted the guests from the north of the motherland - the Jilin Province economic and trade delegation headed by Vice Governor Chen Weigen. The delegation s visit hit two "first": the first time for the high-level delegation of Jilin Province to go into Taiwan; the first provincial economic and trade delegation of the mainland to visit Taiwan after the signing of "Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement".

Trip of high-level promotion
The delegation visit is aimed at expanding the opening up of Jilin Province, strengthening economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Jilin and Taiwan, promoting common development and achieving win-win situation.
The second day after arriving in Taiwan, the KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan with his wife met with the delegation. Lien Chan who visited Jilin Province in 2008 said once meeting the delegation, I have fate with Jilin, and my grandfather had worked in Jilin for 3 years. Such opening remarks shortened the distance. He said, I know in Jilin the auto industry is strong, the agricultural base is good and the tourism has prominent characteristics, so it is complementary with Taiwan's industry and economy. At present, the amount of investment from Taiwan businessmen in Jilin Province is not large, and just a few Taiwan businessmen invest in Jilin Province, but the potential is great and prospect is broad. I will recommend more Taiwanese businessmen to develop in Jilin, to promote exchanges and cooperation between Jilin and Taiwan.
Chairman of Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation Chiang Pinkung, who just returned to Taiwan from signing the "Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" on behalf of the Taiwan side in Chongqing with the mainland Association for Relations, not only met with the delegation, but also attended the "2010 Jilin Province Economic, Trade and Tourism Exchange and Cooperation Week Opening Ceremony and Thematic Presentation" and delivered a speech. He said the people on both sides speak the same language and are as close as flesh and blood. The signing of the "Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" will further promote exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade and other aspects. He believed that with the industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, Jilin will increasingly become an attractive place for Taiwan businessmen to make investment, and Straits Exchange Foundation will make positive efforts for that.
Chen Weigen thanked Lien Chan and Chiang Pinkung for their meeting. He said that after years of development, Taiwan's IT especially the automotive electronics, petrochemicals and food processing industry have had obvious advantages, and a large number of capital and industries need to transfer and seek for a new development platform, while Jilin Province can provide such space for development, which is entirely consistent with the external opening up and investment promotion strategies of Jilin Province; Taiwan's industry and Jilin s industrial advantages and characteristics form a sharp fit and complementarity, and we should promote development through cooperation, to achieve win-win situation.
The delegation also made an official visit to Wang Zhigang, Chairman of Taipei World Trade Center, Chen Wuxiong, Board Chairman of Taiwan Federation of Industries, Zhang Pingzhao, Board Chairman of Merchants Association, Huang Maoxiong, Honorary Chairman of Association of Industry and Commerce, and other heavyweights in Taiwan's major business associations.
Trip for exchange and cooperation
Paying a visit to high-level political figures, meeting with business leaders, visiting companies, publicizing and promoting Jilin, discussing about docking and exchange, seeking cooperation partners ... in just 7 days, the delegation fully demonstrated Jilin Province to all walks of life in Taiwan.
On the morning of July 5, Taipei World Trade Center. Four banners with "Exchange, cooperation, development and win-win" as content were hung on the lobby of the first floor. The conference room on the second floor had been packed with people, so that late-comers had to stand against the wall in the back or stand at the passageway on both sides. The "2010 Jilin Province Economic, Trade and Tourism Exchange and Cooperation Week Opening Ceremony and Thematic Presentation" jointly organized by Jilin Province CCPIT and Taipei World Trade Center was held here, which was a main event in the provincial economic and trade delegation trip to Taiwan, and 420 people attended. Chairman of Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation Chiang Pinkung, Chairman of Taipei World Trade Center Wang Zhigang, Vice President of National Association of Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprises and President of Changchun Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises Zhou Rongchang addressed the ceremony.

Head of the Jilin Province economic and trade delegation and Vice Governor Chen Weigen made a keynote address. He informed Taiwanese investment in Jilin Province and trade contracts between Jilin Province and Taiwan. Then, he introduced in detail the status quo of Jilin Province, the development direction of key industries, the acceleration of the construction of the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen pilot area for opening up, Northeast revitalization and the important platform for economic cooperation in Northeast Asia - China Jilin ? Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo. He believed that through the exchanges, Jilin and Taiwan will form a long-term friendly cooperation at a higher level, in a wider range of areas. During the visit to Taiwan, Chen Weigen introduced the situation of Northeast Asia Expo, and invited all the friends of Taiwan to participate in the sixth Northeast Asia Expo of this year.
The Northeast Asia regional centre, the top three corn belts in the world, the largest automotive production base in China, the grand vision of achieving an annual output of 4 million cars by the end of 2015, the tourism industry characterized by Changbai Mountain, and Jilin ginseng ... attracted great interest and concern of the Taiwan participants. Some people not only read the materials in hands, but also seriously made records. As Chiang Pinkung said, that shows the desire of Taiwan compatriots to understand Jilin, and the desire to exchange and cooperate with Jilin Province.
Another important activity involving extensive contact is the forum between the delegation and Taiwan entrepreneurs, and 58 entrepreneurs such as Deputy Chairman of Taipei World Trade Center Wu Wenya and the responsible persons of most famous three major chambers of commerce in Taiwan attended. The provincial department leaders, the municipal (state) government leaders and entrepreneurs in the delegation had extensive exchanges with Taiwan business people, full of an active and lively atmosphere, so that they not only enhanced the feeling with each other, but also found partners and business opportunities.

At the forum, Zhou Rongchang vigorously promoted the investment environment and preferential policies of Jilin Province with his personal experience of investment in Jilin Province for 17 years, and fully promoted the key industries for cooperation between Taiwan and of Jilin Province.

Huang Maoxiong offered to publish the image-text of introducing the situation of Jilin Province in the journal "Global Industry and Commerce" free of charge. Jilin Province economic and technical adviser Zhang Pingzhao said they will continue to publicize Jilin in 1.4 million member units, and actively encourage investment in Jilin.

During the visit in Taiwan, the delegation inspected seven companies and research units such as Formosa Group, Uni-President Group, Ruentex Group, CtiTV Corporation, Compal Group, Industrial Bank of Taiwan and Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute. In each company, the delegations listened carefully to the introduction, fully promoted the development of Jilin, and warmly invited the entrepreneurs to strengthen cooperation with Jilin in the future.

In Taiwan s large-scale food production enterprise Uni-President Group, Chen Weigen introduced the rich agricultural resources and the agriculture products processing industry development in Jilin Province, which attracted the interest of the Group leaders. Several high levels of the Group asked one by one question, and President Lin Cangsheng showed great enthusiasm for the Changbai Mountain mineral water, and said on the spot he would soon visit Jilin.

Taiwan's largest company - Formosa Group was more concerned about the rich oil and gas resources and petrochemical industry in Jilin Province, and expressed the wishes of strong combination.

The Jilin City sub-delegation held the Taiwan businessmen forum, paid visit to Taiwan's major business associations, and made efforts in project docking with Taiwan Petrochemical Industry Association and Food Trade Association, and reached some cooperation intensions. The heads of Taiwan enterprises said they would inspect the investment environment in Jilin in the future.
The business procurement sub-delegation visited Taiwan's leading trade circulation enterprises, paid visit to Taiwan Snacks Industry Association and other related business associations, invited 30 enterprises in Taiwan to attend the fair, and procured a large number of Taiwan fruit, tea, drinks and daily necessities.

Trip to demonstrate the charm of Changbai Mountain and Songhua River
Immense forest and snow land, mysterious Tianchi, cold river and snow willow, jade-like trees and branches... the amazing scenery of the north made the tourism promotion become a highlight of the trip to Taiwan.
At the "Colorful Seasons ? Splendid Jilin" Tourism Exchange Association held on July, Chen Weigen said that the tourism resources and industrial advantages of Taiwan and Jilin are complementary, but also are important source markets and tourism destinations to each other, so there is broad space for exchange and cooperation. Jilin Province boasts beautiful and magnificent Changbai Mountain and Songhua River and colorful folk customs, but also boasts profound historical culture. He welcomed friends from Taiwan to Jilin for travel, for leisure and for investment and development. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of Jilin and the warm hospitality of Jilin people, you will experience the unique charm of tourism in Jilin, that is, "tourist destination, vacation paradise". More than 140 Taiwan industry insiders, such as the responsible persons of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, Taiwan Tourism Association and other tourism associations of Taipei, Kaohsiung and other places, attended the Association. The beautiful scenery pictures and passionate words left endless reverie to the participating Taiwan compatriots.
During the visit in Taiwan, the delegation met with the senior members of the tourism sector in Taiwan, and visited Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, Taiwan Association of Travel Agents, Taiwan Tourism Association, Taiwan Travel Quality Assurance Association, and Kaohsiung Association of Travel Agents.
Wherever it arrives, the delegation extensively contacted with the industry insiders of Taiwan, actively carried out tourism promotion activities, and introduced in detail the unique tourism resources and investment projects in Jilin Province. Within such few days, the tourism industries of Jilin and Taiwan reached a consensus on devoting themselves to promoting the travel agents and tourist attractions to join hands together, to achieve information sharing and passenger source interaction, to jointly pack and promote tourist routes, and jointly expand market; on devoting themselves to development and construction of new tourism formats, vigorously promoting the effective docking of tourism resources and funds, and strengthening strategic cooperation; on devoting themselves to working together to nurture and develop the tourist airlines.
Trip of harvest
Seven tourism exchange and cooperation agreements were signed. Jilin Provincial Tourist Association and Taiwan Tourism Association signed agreement on airline development, tourism charter flights, complementing each other with passenger sources and other aspects; Jilin Municipal Tourist Association and Taichung City Tourist Association signed agreement on aviation opening and tourism charter flight; Jilin Travel Web and New Northeast Alliance signed agreement; and the travel agents of Jilin and Taiwan signed agreement on complementing each other with passenger sources, to complement each other with up to 100,000 tourists within two years.
Jilin Province Ginseng Chamber of Commerce and Taiwan - Changbai Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. signed for 11 projects, such as the regional agency contract for the Changbai Mountain ginseng products and special products. Under the contract, Taiwan - Changbai Mountain Ginseng Co., Ltd. will introduce Changbai Mountain ginseng valued at NT 600 million this year.

Taipei World Trade Center, which has participated in three consecutive sessions of Northeast Asia Expo, will form a larger delegation to participate in the Sixth Northeast Asia Expo this year. The Taiwan Commodity Hall at the Northeast Asia Expo will increase to two exhibition pavilions from one of last year.
Chen Wuxiong said the Confederation of Industry will organize a delegation to visit Jilin in September this year, to look for more partners and projects.

Taiwan Business Association, Association of Industry and Commerce and all the companies visited said they would choose the appropriate opportunity to go to Jilin for inspection, travel, investment and cooperation.

The harvest also included the great sensation triggered by the delegation:

The "2010 Jilin Province Economic, Trade and Tourism Exchange and Cooperation Week Opening Ceremony and Thematic Presentation" attracted a large number of Taiwan journalists to attend. Soon after the opening ceremony, they surrounded the delegation head and Vice Governor Chen Weigen for interview. During the Exchange and Cooperation Week, Taiwan's "Central News Agency" and Taiwan's China News Comments Agency timely released the information, Taiwan's "Exclusive Report" magazine specially interviewed Chen Weigen, and reported the Exchange and Cooperation Week Opening Ceremony and Thematic Presentation with two full-pages; Taiwan s "Travel Report" magazine publicized the tourism resources of our province with three full-pages.

Taiwan's most influential mainstream media, such as "China Times", "United Daily News", ETTV, CTI TV, Wireless TV, Hong Kong Phoenix TV, Macao s Macao and Asia TV, as well as Xinhua News Agency, "People s Daily", China National Radio, China News Service and other major media in Taiwan, fully reported the activities of our province.

Taiwan s "Want Daily" said that "Taiwan's enterprises wish to participate in this year's Northeast Asia Expo." Taiwan s "China Times" praised that "Jilin is a good place for Taiwan businessmen to invest in." During the activity period, 32 media including newspapers, radio and television stations, news agencies, magazines, websites of Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao made a three-dimensional publicity and coverage of the activities of our province, totally releasing 42 manuscripts, 58 photos, 10 TV news, 23 web news and 2 live videos.