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Peru hope China carries out self-control of textile export

Peru hope China carries out self-control of textile export

Write: Lakota [2011-05-20]
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The minister of Manufacture Department show in different occasion that Peru government will conduct negotiation with China government in textile export and hope China control itself in exporting textile to Peru to avoid Peru taking limited measures on China textile.

The minister point out that China textile exported to Peru can be seen to keep on increasing, but the rhythm should be controlled properly, so both sides can get profit from the rise of economy and inland demanding.

The ministry think that Perus custom price checking system play a control role in importing of China textile, but in reality, an efficient system have not been formed.

Peru is a country employ anti-dumping system among Latin America. Since 1994, the anti-dumping measure on China taken by Peru reach nearly over 30. The commodity include proclaim dishware, tea set, coffee set, iron gamely, stainless steel, kettle, flat bottom boiler, fleet boiler, textile etc.

On December,2003, Peru government take temporary special safeguard with duration of 200days on 106 category China textiles and fashions, which result in Chinas economy loss of 30million 40million.

Recently, there is Peru company put forward application to National competition & intellect property right office and Allowance & Investigation Committee for conducting anti-dumping investigation on China shoes and canvas.