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Travel in Beijing Botanical Garden Beijing of China

Travel in Beijing Botanical Garden Beijing of China

Write: Keon [2011-05-23]

Travel in Beijing Botanical Garden  Beijing of China

Open hour

At 7:00 17:00 of Botanical Garden, the greenhouse is at 8:30 16:30, at 8:30 16:30 of sleeping Buddha temple, 8:30 16:30 of Cao XueQin memorial museum


10 yuan, 5 yuan for student; The large greenhouse costs 50 yuan, 40 yuan for student; 10 yuan of Cao XueQin memorial museum, 5 yuan for student; 5 yuan of Wofo Temple; A series of tickets cost 55 yuan.


1,Take 331 634 696, transport open 112 No. Beijing Botanical Garden stand and Wofo Temple station get off, reach promptly, take 360, 318, 714, Botanical Garden stop of No. 698 and get off in the north and walk 200 meters and arrive promptly; 2,Take Subway Line No. 1, get off at stop of apple orchard, can change to 318 No.

, take Subway Line No. 2 to Xizhimen, stand, appear the intersection of D and export can change to 634 Luis; 3,Take Subway Line No. 2, stand, appear from Beijing Railway Station to Xizhimen the intersection of D and export change to 634 Luis; 4,From Beijing West Railway Station: A, taking No. 374, 437 to Gongzhufen Northern Station, changes to No.

698 and just gets off at Botanical Garden stop in the north and walks 200 meters and arrives promptly; B, taking No. 319, 320 to west garden station, changes to No. 634, 331, 696 and just gets off at stop or Wofo Temple station of Beijing Botanical Garden and arrives promptly. Driving or taking the taxi: 1, Fifth Ring Road: Go out of Fragrant Hills to export, through the roundabout of fragrant spring, arrives promptly to about 300 meters of direction of Fragrant Hills; 2,Fourth Ring Road: Go out of Fragrant Hills to export, the drive of about 10 minutes to the direction of Fragrant Hills; 3,Third Ring Road: Suzhou the intersection of bridge and export enter Wanquanhe through street northwards, is entered north Fifth Ring Road by the north entry of Fifth Ring Road.

From the Capital Airport: 1, Take taxi, enter north Fifth Ring Road by the intersection of airport and high speed, go the drive for less than about 20 minutes westwards; 2,Take airport big bus to Zhongguancun station, take the taxi and enter N.4th Ring Road, or take Bus No. 696 and arrive directly.


Beijing Botanical Garden is located in the west foot of the hill. Build the garden since 1956, has already built up the 200 hectares of green land of garden, has cultivated more than 560,000 plants with exotic species, more than 5000 kinds, lay grassplot 900,000 square meters. Rely mainly on showing the resources of plant of northeast of China, the Northwest, North China in Botanical Garden, give consideration to some Central China, subtropical ornamental plant of South China.

There is a scientific content, also there is appearance of gardens. According to suit measures to local conditions, borrow tendency build the garden, stress the plant makes the scene Principle,last pine and cypress Botanical Garden district and a dozen piece type gardens special. Every small garden is distinct in style, differ from one another.

There is rural scenery of China s comfortable type, there are French palace type neat and rigorous overall arrangements, also there is open unfolded picture of Britain s style. The trees are verdant in every garden, flowers compete in beauty. The sculpture with vivid model, the unique and small and exquisite pavilion, set off in the green tree of safflower.

Botanical Garden is made up of districts of plant exhibition area, scientific research district, scenic spots and historical sites and nature reserve. The plant exhibition is divided into ornamental plant district, trees garden and greenhouse district three part. The district of scenic spots and historical sites teaches the temple site etc.

to make up from Wofo Temple, cherry ditch, Cao XueQin memorial museum, Liang Qichao s tomb and grandly. Sketch map of Beijing Botanical Garden