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The supernatural hall valley natural scenic spot travels Beijing of China

The supernatural hall valley natural scenic spot travels Beijing of China

Write: Galatea [2011-05-23]

The supernatural hall valley natural scenic spot travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

O clock 8:00 o clock 17:30


20 yuan for adult, 10 yuan for student, the guide charges 50 yuan once


The tourist coach taking No. 916 and bus No. 936 or Xuanwumen from Dongzhimen to the supernatural hall valley can arrive


Supernatural the intersection of hall and the intersection of valley and natural scenic spot, lie within the boundaries of Huairou, from 60 of Beijing, it is Huairou first natural scenic spot opening to the outside world. Combine mountains and rivers, river, grotesque peak, spectacular rocky peak and the ancient Great Wall together here, an environment is peaceful, have no Land of Peach Blossoms like interference, celestial mirror free from contamination, the scenery is graceful, the well-known wild goose with the pure and fresh air perches in the river and pierces through the whole district expensively, water quality is pure, the flowing water is constant. Natural dragon s pool, mandarin duck s pool, crocodile s pool, waterside town are wide, so clear that you can see to the bottom.
Supernatural hall valley and mountain peak of natural scenic spot are dangerously steep, it succeeds in the spectacular rocky peak. Bodhisattva s cap model is peculiar, tower into the clouds, fire the imagination; Superb craftsmanships such as hawk s mouth peak, camel mountain range, supernatural tortoise stone, phoenix s platform, stone crowd,etc., remarkably true to life, of infinite interest afford the greatest delight.
The supernatural hall valley was the fortress of capital city and its environs in history, it is intact to build in bright Wan site of castle for stationing troops over the years, go through the ancient Great Wall by vicissitudes, the strong wind still exists, has sought deep and remotely and visited anciently and offered the good place to people.
Startling \\\ Tragic incident of dragon s pool \\\ ,Have recorded Anti-Japanese War period takes place in a phase of miserable history of the important beauty spot dragon s pool, here \\\ Tragic incident of dragon s pool \\\ Built up in the ruin \\\ Tragic incident of dragon s pool \\\ Monument. Base of patriotism educational activities of the teenagers that this beauty spot has already list and name as municipal Youth League committees of Youth League committees and districts been.
For convenience the masses of visitors, the company open the outdoor bathing place of sandy beach, goes angling the field, bonfire field and field and roasts the field in the scenic spot; Have built service facilities such as restaurant, guest room, item department,etc., and run the people s valley tourist activity, visitor can the board and lodging savour the honest local conditions and customs in the peasant family.