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The east cavern of Beijing travels Beijing of China

The east cavern of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Write: Fabron [2011-05-23]

The east cavern of Beijing travels  Beijing of China


50 yuan


Dongzhimen take Bus No. 918 to Pinggu, transfer to, take mini-bus No. 8 to cavern station down, reach promptly and then


National 4A grade travel scenic spot. Lie in the Northeast of Pinggu district of Beijing yellow and loose the valley township. Connected and connected from the expressway to the airport by the way and can be reached along the flat way along flat way or Beijing. 85 kilometers from Beijing urban area. The east cavern of Beijing belongs to the cloud rock, white cloud grey matter rock and cave with stalactites and stalagmites type natural scenery travel scenic spot that the body of rock tuberculosis with silicon, iron composition forms. Developed in 1997, opened to the outside formally in April of 1998.
Beijing caverns east development on in there last village in the group rock strata is yuan circle the Great Wall departments ancient, that was 1,500 million years ago the rock age of this stratum, it is the large-scale Kars Limestone Caves of first which China finds in the cloud rock stratum at present, there are peerless ancient holes Its good reputation. The total length of cave with stalactites and stalagmites is 2500 meters, deposit the view with types such as stalagmite, stone pillar, stone curtain, agar, stone tower, stone pearl, stone people, stone beast,etc. in the hole. The stalactite coming in every shape in the hole, some are like ice to hang high, some are like jade column and hold up it, others are like the west wind rolling screen, in colored light, sparkling and crystal-clear, gorgeous. The ancient circle of yuan in what the cave with stalactites and stalagmites was formed 1,500 million years ago, the large-scale geological sports for several times have already happened so far, cause the stalactite already formed to incline and destroy through collapsing many times, thus has formed these happening unexpectedly, oblique stalactite that produce, hang upside down.
Visit in the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, mysterious and quiet and beautiful, the hopeless scene of the wonder seems to stay in Dragon Palace incessantly, enjoy a trip to Peng Lai fairyland. There are cableways of high altitude, wash roller coaster, go-kart, hang and ask for nearly 20 kinds of fabulous recreational facilities and amusements such as the treadmill, bumper boat, equestrian course, bungee jumping ball in the scenic spot, also for visitors to enjoy visiting the recreation place of plucking the garden, going angling the garden etc. of fun of rural area to the limit. Visitors can also board the helicopter, have a guide look of the beautiful scene in Pinggu in the high altitude.
The scene distinguishes and curls dragons in eight major appreciation areas of resisting the wall, supernatural beast s usher, all celestial parties, having heaven falling and the earth cracking etc.. The main view curls the dragon resists the wall, the dragon paint book from heaven, supernatural beast s usher, Peng Lai fairyland, vast sky and spread nine major appreciation areas such as the spring rain, mural painting of travelling to the West, flying Apsaras of Zhen He, having heaven falling and the earth cracking, water curtain hole in the jade, the South.
Peng Lai fairyland: It is a large-scale stalactite group, various tall and big stalactite tower during that time, all kinds of posture appears, is exactly like every one and set up Buddha and have a get-together herein, either squat, or stand, or sit, or lie, the expression is different, the auspicious cloud curls up, so must be called Peng Lai fairyland .
Spread the jade in the vast sky: The ceiling of the cave hangs down the large stretch of close goose that hangs to manage, the rain curtain hung with the sky, the goose is in charge of dripping the sparkling and crystal-clear drop of water, if the small white jade is spread to human world.
The spring rain in the South: The close stalactite of needle substantially as weaving on the rock wall, like the sparkling and crystal-clear, silk silk spring rain such as the dream such as poem, of stalagmite below, are like the bamboo shoots in spring that are breaking ground and appearing, make the spring scenery of earth abundant.