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Lugou Qiao travels Beijing of China

Lugou Qiao travels Beijing of China

Write: Natalia [2011-05-23]

Lugou Qiao travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

8:00 -16:00


The ticket costs 20 yuan.


The public transit 309, stops of Lugou Qiao of No. 339 are got off


Lugou Qiao lies in in Fengtai district outside Guang anmen, about 20 kilometers from the city center. Because bridge this cross over Lu ditch river Today Yongding River) And gain the name. The first of famous bridge that Lugou Qiao ranks China the three anciently, it is the national Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection.

Other two are Zhao ZhouQiao of Hebei and Luoyang bridge of Quanzhou. Lugou Qiao loud to make 29 to establish in gold 1189 years) ,Have a history of more than 800 years so far. Lu ditch of dawn moons -One of the eight scenes Yanjing, starts in eight scene sayings of Yanjing of Jin Dynasty, the moon was a scene among them Lu ditch of dawns.

The east of bridge have stone-tablet pavilion, stone tablet the intersection of Qianlong and Emperor write for Qing Dynasty, front the Lu ditch dawn moon ,The back is a poem of Lugou Qiao. Primary school have one article lion of Lugou Qiao in the textbook, describe lion that come in every shape at the bridge vivid, so has reached Lugou Qiao, must observe carefully, verifies the dream at time of primary school.

July 7 Incident of 1937 -On July 7, 1937, the Japanese invading army on west bank of the river was missing as the excuse with a soldier to entrenched in Yongding, want by force Lugou Qiao get Wanping City search, suffer the intersection of the Kuomintang and 29 No. refusal of army. Then the Japanese invading army arms and attacks the east of the bridge on a large scale, this is the July 7 Incident of 1937 of shocking the world .