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Travel in one pair of dragon s gorges Beijing of China

Travel in one pair of dragon s gorges Beijing of China

Write: Kaie [2011-05-23]

Travel in one pair of dragon   s gorges  Beijing of China


Drive by oneself: The intersection of mound and stone walk to west all the way behind the road at Fifth Ring Road, the intersection of Jinglan Highway and to go side. Pass, take on gift, turn right, keep straight on after the 4 kilometers will see the sign ing behind the tunnel, pass Dongfanghong tunnel, the signpost appears by bridge of 5 kilometers to keep straight on, continue keeping straight on 5 kilometers to pass the railway station of wild goose s wing, keep straight on and reach the celery valley mouth inspection post, turn left and keep straight on to reach the scenic spot.


The natural scenic spot of one pair of dragon s gorges is a scenic spot developed newly in the west of Beijing, lie in the green hill green valley 2.5 kilometers south of the town fire village of dining hall in Buddhist temple of Mentougou District. The main body image of natural scenic spot of one pair of dragon s gorges is summarized as six sentences should be: Cangshan of Land of Peach Blossoms of green valley of green hill of ten thousand qings of seas of woods of a thousand mu of red apricots of 5 kilometers of brook one hundred and pool waterfall such as sea, the ridges and peaks are towering and pretty, known as nine small stockaded villages , one hundred waterfalls . The water resource in the scenic spot is abundant, the climate in the little basin is warm and moist, luxuriant Lin Mu, the species of the animals and plants is abundant. The vegetation coverage rate of the whole scenic spot is up to 95%. The old dragon nest of the highest peak has an elevation of 1646 meters, forms two pieces of cataract of more than 29 meters, nearly one hundred pieces of cascade under several meters, the Milky Way, puddle, green valley, Hongyan make up pieces of beautiful beautiful scenery. The bright mountain flowers in full bloom in spring, delicate fragrance assails the nostrils; Xia Ri cool in full valley and brook murmuring and spring pour, shady spot ice the green tree of skin contrast finely with each other, Gu Yang, ancient willow, kiwi fruit of a century, mountain grape and forest cover all the sky, twine during that time, as general as the tropical rain forest; Season the autumn air is fresh gold autumn, all over the mountain maple leaf too beautiful to be absorbed all at once under to set off blue sky and white cloud. In winter, glacier fall is pure white, the imposing manner is grand, make people so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Here, you can also experience mountains such as the fabulous virgin forest,etc. are explored; Take the unique forest mini train, goes among the mountains, the fragrance of flowers makes the minds of people happy, like the fairyland. Main beauty spot that can appreciate as follows, the intersection of jade and the intersection of dragon and lake, quiet and beautiful lake, put, listen to pairs of musical instrument, gulf, first waterfall of fairy maiden It is 29.7 meters high, 5 meters wide) A thousand frogs bee, seven sound waterfalls, one pair of dragons entries into water, small Jiu Zhaigou, musical instrument jade pool, 300 year is wild for kiwi fruit, fairy maiden comb one s hair, pairs of dragon play tortoise, frog gather willow of, give celestial being loosing, second waterfall kiwi fruit celestial beings wild at stone, 200 year ( It is 30 meters high, 10 meters wide) , virgin forest. The first waterfall is in the second waterfall mountain valley, along the brook, path, tendril plant and bush, arbor are pestered and twined, form the natural plant corridor about five kilometers long, grow green and fresh, the brass-wind instrument is valley of the Chinese wisteria ,It is a great wonder of one pair of dragon s gorges. The generalization of scenic spot is: 5 kilometers of brooks, the waterfall, a thousand mu of red apricot, ten thousand qings of seas of woods of one hundred pools. Really may well be termed the green hill green valley, the ridges and peaks are towering and pretty. The mountain flower arrives in summer everywhere, stream is murmuring good a group of northern part of the country beautiful sceneries, so there are nine small stockaded villages It claims.
Pairs of the intersection of dragon and the intersection of gorge and old the intersection of dragon and the intersection of nest and highest peak have an elevation of 1646 meters, scenic spot 15 of total length take the mini train and enter the scenic spot first, then walk 4, 5 kilometers. Walk the intersection of brook and gorge, reach first waterfall high 29, 7, wide 5 ice thickness 5 and 6 meter pure white, very grand.
Ice from waterfall walk 10 kilometer about still up, come and go, walk at ice totally, could go up in the shoes with nail. It is narrower and narrower that the mountain valley leaves, suitable young people, physical power are good, it has certain exploration nature, irritation. Unless it reach last waterfall two dishes, getting more rare for North China,drop more than 30 a wide thickness 6s frozen of 12 meterses - getting longer very on the ice age in 7 meters, generally come in annual May since December. Here climbs the ideal destination that ices fans. Must take the camera here, leave this rare icing the waterfall view. But especially emphasize that sure to take care, listen to the guide s line guide, if it is troublesome to slip because of carelessness.
The scenic spot is except that two ice the waterfall, there are forest mini trains of distinctive quality here, when you took the mini train, like reaching took the impressive strength Tiger Mountain by strategy Insert the leather ditch, this can not be seen in the other scenic spots. Arrive here to have a thousand in full bloom flower of apricot spring, perfume assail the nostrils, like reach ocean that spend. Green of both sides of the mountain is fine, murmuring honeybee of stream and bird swarm and cause, if can in the break of going for an outing in early spring here, it is absolutely a kind of beautiful enjoyment.
The bright mountain flowers in full bloom in summer and autumn, came into valley of the Chinese wisteria growing green and freshing ,Visitors are like to the fairylanding, is also called Land of Peach Blossoms ,Here will ask you set up, think, capture dust free from philistinism, not completely relaxed and happy, because scenic spot have have medical abundant plant of value can be appreciated as well as, send out a burst of perfume, make you intoxicated. They are mountain peach, cloves, green date, wild flower pepper, rose, rust red chrysanthemum, the root of large-flowered skullcap, Herba Leonuri, purple moustache, lily, wild strawberry,etc..
Nine to October 3,000 multiple walnut and large-fruited Chinese hawthorn fruit, can for visitor s plucking. Here is Shang Jia s harvest season in autumn, will make you stay to come and go too all over the mountain maple leaf, in addition summer and autumn festival can sand skiing, it is slippery grass, be gone angling, rowed the boat, will certainly make what you play not enjoyed oneself to heart s content buses, bonfires, cooking in the open air, roasting activity contents multiple off-road. No matter which season can enjoy the environment peaceful, with the pure and fresh air here, the people who have been here all call here the natural oxygen bar.
Visitors come here like the Fairyland all of a sudden, the Land of Peach Blossoms, set up feeling all without exception the clear air of heart is comfortable. There are a lot of plants with viewing and admiring, pharmaceutial use, economic worth in one pair of dragon s gorges. Such as soft blue and green date, mountain peach, azalea, heralding spring, blusher, cloves, wild flower pepper, rose, embroidering red chrysanthemum, Herba Leonuri of the root of large-flowered skullcap, six sleepers, Radix Bupleuri, Radix Platycodonis, lily, wild strawberry,etc.. Visitors can view and admire in different seasons. Except viewing and admiring the natural scenery, can pluck the local product bright red apricots of the fire village at annual the beginning of July at the end of June. The guest room is double room and triple room of the independent bathroom, can accommodate more than 100 guests. The night comes, under the magnificent starry sky, light the raging bonfire, set off the fireworks firework, dance happy dance, is singing the lyrical song, you will forget to spend village quiet night excitedly in fatigue of journey.
Long long ago, exported the wide valley area in the iron coffin gorge, the fat short coat of land, dozens of villagers cultivated here industriously, live the stability life not worrying about eating and drinking.
In the cave in the gorge east bank, illegally occupy Huanglong, it goes through the practice of more than 300 years, get along kind and gentle with nearby villager, see difficult to aid, cure, must answer, local the common people revere very much him. The drought of every day, people are groups to come to hole and pray for rain. Huanglong is in order to meet villager s needs, spits shares of purple fog out from the hole, purple fog rises to the sky slowly, congeal into a black clouds round and round quickly. In a moment, the thunder roars, the cloudburst of heavy rain, enable the crops Good Harvest of gorge. The villager is in order to thank the supernatural kindness in Huanglong, before Huanglong Cave, sets up the temple and sacrifices.
Do not I wonder how many years have passed again, in the cave of west bank, live in a dark dragon. It practise austerities through over one hundred year, begin, have some law, see burning incense very much prosperous in front of the Huanglong Cave, sacrificial offerings are various, can t help enviousing. Ponder upon in the heart: Hen! There is a great skill in Huanglong, you respect it, do not watch me with the tail of one s eye, OK, let me put the magic arts to good use to show you, you will come to ask me at that time. Then, the dark dragon s bravado at the beginning stands up. At this moment, encounter the intersection of Heaven and drought by chance just, it seize the opportunity, pour oil on the fire and mouth spit flame, make the field do ground cleave, the crops are withered and yellow because people and animals have many the sick ones because of being hot. Learn this in Huanglong, is busy with the cloth rain s solving and endangering, makes the conspiracy of the dark dragon frustrated. So several repeated trials of strength, turn danger into safety in Huanglong. The dark dragon sees Huanglong opposed with it everywhere, very annoyed.
One day, Wu Long came to threaten Huanglong and say outside Huanglong Cave: You abdicate cave-dwelling quickly, ask you bury cavern is too late to repent! In the face of the unreasonable threat of the dark dragon, aid with the good speech in Huanglong: It is our original that practise austerities convenient for people , it is incorrect that you do evil and victimize like this. The arrogant and imperious and unreasonable dark dragon outroars: Say little nonsense, let you see me terribly today! Just left the sound, the dark dragon gushed out and rolled red light on the mouth, with a loud noise, the temple collapsed immediately, even whole cave-dwelling is rocked. Huang Long has been enraged, goes out from the hole, fight at close quarters with the dark dragon. Two dragons soar, extends dragon s claw each other, you catch me to bite, put the unique skill to good use respectively. What a of fierce fight, kill dark all around only, through 998 11 round, because dark dragon repairs and practises time and is not so good as Huanglong, has not propped up gradually, carries on the fight while beating a retreat, the scale and shell has been hit and comes to all over gorge. People see the colored stone in Ninghe River so far, the legend is the scale and shell that two dragons fall down while fighting was turned into.
The proper dark dragon suffers a defeat and is caught, while calling for help and begging for mercy repeatedly, it happened that the big person cloud of Goddess of Mercy swims over to here, ask that it is original and firm to understand, reprimand the dark dragon, dissuade Huanglong from showing mercy, wants two dragons to shut well, live together in a hole, practise the celestial way together, rid the people of an evil.
The villagers see Huanglong construct the cloud cloth rain for the people wholeheartedly, the dark dragon has turned respectable too, raising funds builds the temple again, is named in one pair of dragon s temples ,Two dragons meet with the drought and construct the rain; It is fine to meet the waterlogging. The villagers cultivate the gorge freshly and greenly, the crops are gratifying, turning better day by day of life.
Ming Dynasty writer Yang Shen ( Number rises in the Buddhist nunnery) ,Pass by Sanxia, hear villager praise pairs of the intersection of dragon and favourable the intersection of the people and contribution one after another, drive quill, sow partial to the gorge, help the people joyfully Four big characters. People make these 4 words on a King horizontal inscribed board, hang in one pair of dragon s temples, in order to cite two dragons. For this reason, this section of gorges call one pair of dragon s gorges too .