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Ten is crossed and travelled Beijing of China

Ten is crossed and travelled Beijing of China

Write: Brenda [2011-05-23]

Ten is crossed and travelled  Beijing of China


It is free of charge to cross the scenic spot ten times, but accept the ticket alone in a plurality of domestic beauty spots of its. Celestial being perch 45 of hole, 40 yuan for Long XianGong, celestial peak valley costs 22 yuan, 50 yuan of garden holiday village of bluish waves, 60 yuan of fatherless mountain fastness, 50 yuan of Jinsha paradise, word of Buddha in Longshan is free, flat resist against Japan in 30 yuan of memorial museum, East Lake harbour 38 in the west Row 30 yuan per hour of bamboo raft (two people) ,60 yuan per hour (four people) .

Bungee jumping 180 yuan ( It pays 45 yuan separately on the cable car to take) .


Tourist bus No. 10 of special line travels, depart on Saturday, Sunday, return fare is 60 yuan. The place of departing: Door of Qianmen, Fucheng, Xuanwumen; The terminal: Cross and refuse horse s paradise ten times. Or take No. 917 Overline bridge -Ten is crossed) ,The full fare is 14 yuan. Beijing West Railway Station can take the train to Taiyuan, crosses getting off in ten, ticket price is 12 yuan.
Drive by oneself: Go to the high speed of Beijing-Shijiazhuang to make the high speed in the Yan s export, through Yunju Temple until ten is crossed.


Ten is crossed because got to cross tracing back along water ten times from Zhangfang in history, must gain the name through 10 ferries.
It is the karst ground form of the karst to cross the scenic spot ten times, it is the rare featuring gorge, peak clump, river valley ground form of North China, rely mainly on karst landscape, geological trace the intersection of person who give consideration to the intersection of teenagers and education in patriotism and general garden of discipline. Refuse Ma He to snuggle up to the mountain and move round the mountain range, nine chapters of song way, flow in the border of passing through area from the Northwest to southeast.
The geological trace in the scenic spot has a thrilling one A gleam of day , the mystery one The sudden stone A peculiar one Shi ZhongShi , mysterious Longshan Buddha The word, secret The natural stone Buddha , the one that make and is called uniquly The sun rises Wait for 12 great geological wonders; National-level to protect plants and have green wingceltis, English walnut Chinese catalpa, wear the mountain dragon, wild soybean etc..
It has Brown-eared pheasant, otter, Chinese soft-shelled turtle,etc. to watch for animals that national-level. Recreational facilities have bungee jumping that jump, parachuting, cableway, rock-climbing, wing, drifting about, pedalo, canoe, surfing in the car, motorboat, sandy beach outdoor bathing place, swimming, riding a horse glide to flying of cliff,etc..
Include refusing horse s paradise in the scenic spot, East Lake harbour, West Lake harbour, fatherless mountain fastness, celestial peak valley, celestial ditch of ten thousand scenes, bluish waves garden, hold the appearance village, general to cross the mountain villa, national conditions and customs garden, peaceful monkey mountain, green garden of bamboo bridge, crossing the national museum of geological park, flat in the west and resisting against Japan in beauty spots such as the martyrs park, Zhao Ran martyr s tomb, tomb of six heroes of old cap mountain,etc. ten times. The main view has mountains of brush supports, stone people s peaks, celestial pools of Tashan Mountain, Wuzhi Mountain, exceedingly high holes, nine faces that draw the mountain etc.. Meanwhile, still abound with more than 20 kinds of local products such as Chinese prickly ash of bright red robe, mill persimmon,etc..