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Travel in Tanzhe Temple Beijing of China

Travel in Tanzhe Temple Beijing of China

Write: Maybelle [2011-05-23]

Travel in Tanzhe Temple  Beijing of China


The ticket costs 55 yuan.


Take the bus of special line of travel in the west travel collecting and distributing centre of Tian An-men; Or take subway, No. 921, No. 336, No. 959 and change to Bus No. 931 to the apple orchard, can go to Tanzhe Temple directly.


Tanzhe Temple lies at the foot of a mountain of three-bristle cudrania of pool of the southeast of Mentougou District of the west suburb in Beijing, 41 kilometers from Fuchengmen. Tanzhe Temple faces south, stands with the treasure Mount Qomolangma behind, nine tall and big mountain peaks take the form of the horse s hoof ring to protect around, nine mountain peak these successively the intersection of punch and peak, tiger from peak, hold day peak, purple green peak, collect the intersection of cloud and peak, the intersection of Ying and the intersection of Lopa Nationality and peak, a monthly peak, alike since counting in the east, nine mountain peaks as if nine huge dragons are surrounding and protecting middle treasure Mount Qomolangma, it is stopped and is built in the southern foot of the treasure Mount Qomolangma that large-scale Tanzhe Temple is ancient.

Tanzhe Temple is large-scale, takes up an area of 2.5 hectares in the temple, takes up an area of 11.2 hectares outside the temple, combine with forest and hills administered by Tanzhe Temple around, the whole area is up to more than 121 hectares. The palace is built with level of mountain lie, in picturesque disorder.

Beijing the Palace Museum of town have half between the 9999 room, Tanzhe Temple have half between the 999 room in Qing Dynasty in heyday, it is the epitome in the Palace Museum to assume the air of, it is said that imitates Tanzhe Temple and builds up while building the Forbidden City in the early years of Ming Dynasty.

Remove some palaces long neglected and in disrepair at the beginning of liberation, and newly build some rooms, there are 943 rooms in all in Tanzhe Temple now, 638 palaces of ancient building among them, the building keeps the style and features in period of Ming and Qing, it is a ancient buildings of temple of one largest Beijing suburb.

Tanzhe Temple not only the human cultural sight is abundant, the natural landscape is also very graceful, there is a scene respectively in spring, summer, autumn or winter, the temperament and interest is different at night of night of noon in the morning, as far back as ten scenes of pool three-bristle cudrania of Qing Dynasty Already the name has raised the capital.

Ten scenes of pool three-bristle cudrania: Plain maple leaf, nine dragons playing with a pearl, a thousand peak join green piling cloud, the intersection of palace and the south smoke, resist pavilion flow cup, male peak hold day, layers of the intersection of hill and sets of moon, silk screen snow by gully Wan