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Tsing-Hua University travels Beijing of China

Tsing-Hua University travels Beijing of China

Write: Aphra [2011-05-23]

Tsing-Hua University travels  Beijing of China


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Water wooden Tsing-Hua University: Water wooden Tsing-Hua University is the most fascinating wonderful scenery in Qinghuayuan, at the door after located worker s word drawing room. Shan Lin that fluctuate four o clock, ring Long burn one deep beautiful water, set off two exquisite refined ancient pavilion between the mountain forest, straight volume water wooden Tsing-Hua University Four words, the village is beautiful and tall and graceful. water wooden Tsing-Hua University Four words, come from the Jin Dynasty the person thanks and mixes poems: Favour wind, swing in great numbers to limit, the white cloud was once collected, song bird s collection of sun past the meridian of the scene, wood profound Tsing-Hua University of water. Hang and unite famously on the centre bright red column: Mountain go through multifarious to fluctuate outstanding border spring, summer, autumn or winter only outside the threshold, window the intersection of medium cloud and shadow let at all directions going, coming, it swings Xun to be whether celestial beinging occupying while being quiet.
Tsing-Hua University is a famous institution of higher learning of China, located in beautiful Qinghuayuan of northwest suburb of Beijing. It is one of the important bases of high-level personnel training and scientific technical research of China. Tsing-Hua University predecessor is the Tsing-Hua School, established in 1911, moved south to Changsha after breaking out in 1937 Anti-Japanese War, jointly run a school with Peking University, Nankai University, set up state-run Changsha Temporary College, adjourned to Kunming in 1938, renamed as state-runly the National Southwestern Associated University. In 1946, Tsing-Hua University moved back to the former address of the Tsing-Hua Campus and resumed classes, there are 5 institutes such as Arts,Law,Science,Engineering and Agriculture, 26 departments. In 1952, after the restructuring of university and college of Chinese university, Tsing-Hua University became a polytechnical university, train the project technician for the country especially, is praised as the engineer s cradle .
Today s Tsing-Hua University faces the unprecedented historical opportunity, the people in Tsing-Hua University inherit patriotically, devote Fine tradition,inherit make unremitting efforts to improve oneself, thick morally year thing School motto, It is better than speeches to walk School discipline and Rigorous, diligent, realistic, innovate Style of study,to if you can t last Tsing-Hua University, rank among world-class universities,struggle hard for great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.
Gu Yue hall is built all cleaning the street, with the separating of a lane of west institute of drawing room of worker s word. It is the specialized study of the main fact of the garden while first building. Liang Qichao, Zhu Ziqing,etc. have lived in here. It is all site of organs of general affairs of the school now.
The garden is Qing Xian Feng Emperor s former residence in near spring, was a former address of Zhu Ziqing s moonlight of lotus pool too. The garden predecessor is in near spring The garden in bright spring Centre area. The tenth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty ( 1860 years) ,The allied forces of Great Britain and France invade Beijing, burn Yuanmingyuan, all houses are turned to dust and ashes in the garden in near spring, become the desert island, is up to more than 120 years from beginning to end. By 1979, the desert island is repaired.