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Mei Lanfang travels in the memorial museum Beijing of China

Mei Lanfang travels in the memorial museum Beijing of China

Write: Tracy [2011-05-23]

Mei Lanfang travels in the memorial museum  Beijing of China

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10 yuan for adult, old person, student, soldier, disabled person hold half price of relevant certificate Open hour: 9:00- 16:00,Have a rest on Monday, free on Tuesday, Friday afternoon.


2 yuan


22,38,47,409,626,810,The stations of Huguo Temple of No. 826 get off, enter the street of Huguo Temple; Or 13, 42, 55, 107, 111, 118, 701, 823, 850 factory bridge stops get off, enter the street of Huguo Temple northwards.


Mei Lanfang memorial museum lies in the street No. 9 of Beijing Xicheng District Huguo Temple, it is a typical Chinese courtyard house of courtyard of three passages, cover an area of 716 square meters, it is Mr. Mei Lanfang dwelling in last 10 before death. Mei Lanfang (1894- 1961)Famous billows, word Wan s China, Taizhou of Jiangsu of the ancestral home.

It is the first of four major famous deniers of Beijing opera. After Mr. Mei Lanfang passed away in 1961, Premier Zhou suggested setting up a Mei Lanfang s memorial museum, until photo, drama, souvenir,etc. that collect overth historical relic, materials donate to the country altogether in the house relative of Mr.

Mei. In October of 1986, what comrade Deng Xiaoping inscribed in person defended crowding the rapid Gu s horizontal inscribed board of skill, hung on the door forehead of the former residence formally. Lay out into the exhibition hall in the front courtyard, has introduced Mr. Mei s artistic career with a large number of photos, material object.

Mr. Mei studied Beijing opera from 8 years old, go up on the stage at 11 years old, plays representative of chaste characters and concurrently female warrious representative. After new China is established, Mei Lanfang is elected the Vice Presidents of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, drama association, take on the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of drama and the intersection of research institute and the intersection of president,etc.

and duty, it is prosperity and development of cause, literature and art of China, that do a large amount of work. Three north rooms of the backyard have kept the original appearance of former residence. Put hardwood furniture and full-length mirror, the intersection of pigeon and sentry post,etc., hang Qing Dynasty the intersection of painter and Shen Rong garden at the west wall to practise function that Mr.

Mei use in the reception room whether 13 light definitely , the inner room of the sitting room is the living room, the east side room is the bedroom, the west side room is the study, the west wing-room is laid out into the exhibition room too, mainly show the culture achievement of Mr. Mei. The east wing-room is set as the video center specially, reproduce the artistic elegance of Mr.