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The lake travels to drip Beijing of China

The lake travels to drip Beijing of China

Write: Matangi [2011-05-23]

The lake travels to drip  Beijing of China


Take No. 919 to Yanqing at Deshengmen, or take the hotels of the Great Wall of No. 916 and get off, transfers to China and Pakistan the fourth of the twelve Earth Branches of the east in Dongzhimen.


The lake lies in Yanqing county to drip, it is a piece of cascade with unique form, because of about more than 20 meters of drop, the water sound thunders, and the top of the waterfall is relatively small, water poured out like the pot, so have another name called drip the kettle .
The scene has a characteristic very much in winter dripping on the lake, are covered with the ice on the cliff of both sides of the waterfall, fall scattered frost at the shrub forest, rivers outside freeze semitransparent the ice bucket , barrel Water inside is still flowing, the sunshine shines, overflow the color leave a good name, it is a wonder to be luxuriant. Because of the constant temperature of spring, the long life of the green grass of next four seasons of waterfall.