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Travel wonderfully in conformity with White Dagoba of the temple Beijing of China

Travel wonderfully in conformity with White Dagoba of the temple Beijing of China

Write: Inger [2011-05-23]

Travel wonderfully in conformity with White Dagoba of the temple  Beijing of China


20 yuan


7,13,42,101,102,103,846,The public transit No. 850 can be reached.


The ones that lie in the north of road of Inner Street of door of Fucheng wonderfully in conformity with White Dagoba of the temple are wonderful in the temple. Because there is entire body that scribbles in the temple with the chalky tower, is so commonly called as temple of White Dagoba ,It is a Chinese key historical relic under prodection.

Yuan Shizu Yuan Shizu believes in Buddha dharma, meets and releases Jia Buddha s Buddhist relics, (1271) to a eight years Have built this large-scale lama s tower in the southwest of large capital. (1279) until a 16 years Build up, build one large-scale temple in front of tower, rescue the intersection of name and large holy the intersection of longevity and Wan fit the temple .

The palace fence of the temple is just like the inner court, the window wall of statue of Buddha all adorns gold, it is the imperial family of Yuan Dynasty in one of the important projects that is mostly built. All palaces were destroyed by fire by the thunder fire in 1368, only White Dagoba escapes by luck.

Will declare Germany to repair in eight years tomorrow, it is wonderful in conformity with the temple to rename as. The intersection of Qing and Kang Xi, the intersection of Qianlong and renovation several times under emperor, White Dagoba Yuan Dynasty relic only now. The temple is made up of four storeyed palace and tower institute.

Tower in White Dagoba in the middle of the courtyard, each build the small angle one pavilion all around. White Dagoba is stopped 3 parts to make up by base of the tower, body of the tower and tower. The base is 9 meters high, the tower is 50 high. 9 meters, the base is with an area of 1422 square meters, three storeys for a basic score, the lowest floor is square, there is a passway in front of the platform, unless last step ago, can step on by tower base direct,at, in two layers is for must lasting of shapes inferior.

Build the base on the base, link the body of the tower, base together. There are 5 clitellums on the lotus throne, support the body of the tower. The body of the tower is commonly called as The treasure bottle ,It similar to cover by earthen bowl,at fit 7 iron hoop,in it must last small-scaly for shapes inferior, it is a day looks wheel of 13 again, the top is a diameter 9.

Be lasted bottom canopy of 7 meters, canopy,on copper pan tile put and last 40 radiate tube spine, the canopy is hung the tassels and aeolian bells of 36 pairs of copper openwork all around, the breeze blows, the ring tones is melodious. The canopy centre, another gold-decorated top about 5 meters high, fix top above copper plate with 8 stalwart iron chains.

Maintained and strengthened White Dagoba in 1978. In the construction course, have found the emperor (1753) in 18 years of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty Retain on the top gold-decorated and little and domestic Tripitaka of high tower, view generation phonotape and videotape of wood carving, it applique Polo honey suspicious on kasaya, it have handwritten emperor at five Buddha precededding, Qianlong through , Tibetan whether the last incantation , copper statue of Buddha, pure gold Buddhist relics Buddhas long-lived,etc.

three generation. The structure of White Dagoba, spring from ancient Indian and stop up the slope, has been participated in designing and built by the Buddhist nun of Nepalese technologist A brother.