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The extremely celestial valley travels in the east Beijing of China

The extremely celestial valley travels in the east Beijing of China

Write: Watkin [2011-05-23]

The extremely celestial valley travels in the east  Beijing of China

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The ticket costs 25 yuan.


Take 970 or 980 to Miyun long-distance bus station from Dongzhimen long-distance bus station of Beijing, go to the sub town Huayuancun of new city by car at the new prosperous bus stop opposite to the road


The extremely celestial valley natural scenic spot in the east lies in fog Lingshan northern foot of highest peak of the Yanshan Mountains. The scenery is graceful in the scenic spot, make a clear distinction between the four seasons, spring safflower all over the mountain, the brightness of flowers and birdsongs, azalea, lilac,etc. are competitively open, rosy, even green, also show deep or light and different color and level, one sheet is overflowing with vigor everywhere, the ones that made you feel close to nature are beautiful limitlessly.
Summer grow green and fresh, the scorching sun outside the mountain, then the trees are lush and green in the mountain, it is comfortable to send the cool breeze, cliffside waterfall flow spring, pool deep and remote small stream clear. The wildwood sunshades and covers on day. Come here to go to summer resort and enjoy the cool, will make you completely relaxed and happy, so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return.
Autumn, mountain the next stretch, is jade green, birch, larch on the mountain are changed and golden yellow, turn yellow, turn red, turn purple from level to level. Take a broad view, maple leaves, bunches of outstanding achievements, click and inlay among peak range upon range of mountain ranges clicking cluster, like the buoyant red sails on the bluish waves, is also like the rosy cloudses cloud drifting on the blue sky.
Winter ice the pool to connect in series. The boundless and indistinct sea of woods is a northern part of the country scene, forceful and vigorous and tall and straight in green Bai Xue of green pine, the deep and remote musical sound is deserted.
The mountain takes the place of numerous traces in the middle ancient times, there are black valleys in numerous beauty spots of closing, five Humen, Great Wall of Ming Dynasty etc.. Linked by common mountains and rivers, the water and sky are of one color, there is water in the mountain, there are mountains in water, there are things in the scene, there is unique natural landscape of the scene in the scene, because its geographical position unique The most-east end of Beijing) ,Above sea level near kilometer, climate clearly demarcated, the intersection of vegetation and coverage rate up to 98%, form one loud oxygen bar in nature!