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Jiulong Entertainment Park travels Beijing of China

Jiulong Entertainment Park travels Beijing of China

Write: Amy [2011-05-23]

Jiulong Entertainment Park travels  Beijing of China

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Purchase tickets of 10 yuan only; 30 yuan of Dragon Palace underwater; Specially specially happy 20 yuan; The aquarium costs 15 yuan; Torrent floating raft costs 20 yuan; F-1 racing-cycle costs 15 yuan; Bumper boat costs 15 yuan; Big sightseeing boat costs 15 yuan; Dinosaur valley costs 10 yuan; 20 yuan of magic world. The intersection of coupon ticket and 65 (optional 4 the above, itself already include the ticket of scenic spot) ; 100 yuan (the above all projects, include the yacht at 25 yuan extraly)


City take 345, 345 ( Fast) , 919 Bus No. go to Changping, transfer to 6 No. arrive promptly, take 845, 912 direct Bus No..


Jiulong Entertainment Park is located in the Ming Tombs Reservoir tourist zone with green hills and clear waters, it is a large-scale modernized amusement park which China built up earlier, it is lifelike with magical and splendid East China Sea Dragon Palace, colorful aquatic world, result to be plain Specially specially happy Dynamic cinema, and favors well-knownly and deeply by the visitor in the graceful and quiet and beautiful drawing room of food and beveraging.

This garden pays attention to premium and artistic intension of the recreation facility, have already introduced U.S.A. s new technology, build up rapids drifting about and toy city, can make you fully experience thrill and stimulate flavour. The American refined travel agencies and holiday villages outside of the city set up newly can offer the all-round service.

There are national park and the Ming Tombs of boa mountain, seven every year in the peripheral beauty spot There are traditional dragon boat regatta and tour festival activity in August, it is 4 on wedding day to go on a tour - November