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Travel in National Swimming Centre Beijing of China

Travel in National Swimming Centre Beijing of China

Write: Deana [2011-05-23]

Travel in National Swimming Centre  Beijing of China

Open hour

9:00- 17:00


30 yuan


839,Get off in North Star west bridge Northern Station of No. 510. It is open to transport 113, 407, 386, 656, 836The express, air-conditioned passenger train route 983, 753, 740 internal and external rings, No. 939, 944 Branch, the west stations of North Star bridge of No. 944, 660, 689 are got off, 328, 379, 419, 425, 484, 518, 628, 751, 836, 851, 913, 949, 963, transport the open stations of Wali the the south end of No. 110 to get off.


One of the significant venues of Olympic Games in 2008, swimming competes with diving,etc. to hold here.
The National Swimming Centre lies in Beijing Olympic Park, one of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games landmarks. Bore competitions such as the swimming, diving, figure swimming, water polo,etc. during the course of the Olympic Games, 17000 seats for audience. Will build up the activity centre that incorporates swimming, fitness, recreation into an organic whole with international most advanced level after the match.
water cube And National Stadium The bird nest Lie in both sides of central axis separately, a round of one party, respond to and cooperate with each other across a great distance, form Cultural Olympics Unique scenery. Whole water cube Divided into 4 layers, among them it is the competition workspace to shoulder one layer, one layer and two layers are excursion district and auditorium respectively, reserve and manage the field for venues on the third floor.
water cube Building structure that soap bubble pile up without being come from for concept,because it produces by moisture the feelings of the sons to want, each angry pillow is the irregular polyhedron, so the steel framework that the angry pillow relies on requires 12 pieces of body in the multidimensional space or 14 pieces of body, it is the first time to put up such steel framework in China and even the world.
Form water cube Skin more thanth made of ETFE membrane irregular the intersection of gas and the intersection of pillow and bubble, have one high meter of guardrails around venue, and cut a moat 6 meters wide, 0.5 meters deep in the guardrail. Because the angry pillow is semitransparent, the bird will not stay on it, the edge of air pillow frame of the roof contains the superfine steel silk thread yet, prevent the bird from causing destroying to the angry pillow. Within venues, the audience can only contact the angry pillow at short range in bubble of 170 square meters indulge in the bar, other areas are all unable to touch.
2009 will hold cube of dreamlike water Mere water scenery symphony concert of the large-scale sound - the dreamlike water cube , this concert incorporates light, laser, water scenery, and world masterpiece in music into an organic whole, with the superstrong performance battle array, dazzling beautiful dance American mere result, result of seeing and hearing shaken, become a light spot of the tourist activity of Olympic venue.