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Always travel like the peak Beijing of China

Always travel like the peak Beijing of China

Write: Winsome [2011-05-23]

Always travel like the peak  Beijing of China


20 yuan


Transfer to the car of scenery in urban and rural areas of No. 5 after taking Bus No. 918 direct crossing of officer s village.
From Dongzhimen, Beijing to scenic spot journey course of driving by oneself: 80 kilometers; Necessary time: An hour and 30 minutes;
Concrete circuit: Walk suitable Beijing, along flat for through street to it transfers 5 No. to to be direct in bus in in urban and rural areas scenery behind the crossing along village, high ranking official of signpost.
Refuel on the way: There are nearly 30 service stations on the way


Always gain the name because the god is like the huge peak like the scenic spot of the peak, lie in the large sub village of small valley of Huashan town of Pinggu district of Beijing, the area is up to more than 40 sq. km., can arrive to drive along walking 70 km to the east the drive for about about 1 hour and 30 minutes along the flat way from Beijing.

Always like the supernatural peak, natural good fortune, in the hills and mountains, have the only scene of one s own, height is 51.8 meters, it is 82 meters long, the body, leg, head, end, nose, eyes are remarkably true to life all without exception. It have even more very person, change by it on angle view,it become by mother conjuncted pairs sub again like,wonders all over the world real, a special skill of China.

The gorge of scenic spot is winding, the mountain lie is grand, dense in the deep forest of the ditch, the vegetation is luxuriant. Roe deer, Mongolian gazelle, badger can look for the trace, the hare, pheasant, squirrel, mountain bird are seen everywhere, the chicken crows, the chirping of birds, mouse run, the rabbit flees and adds the natural temperament and interest even more.

Ecosystem complete and kind, always loud to stress characteristic like the intersection of peak and scenic spot. Always collect Chestwood like the peak, because the lake water is dark green, so clear that you can see to the bottom, gains the name like a drop of emerald inlaying under the angle of mountain.

Put in the lake in a suitable place to breed carp, grass carp and white lotus fish, for going angling the hobby to go angling. Spring go for an outing in early spring, the dying young of the peach, the bright mountain flowers in full bloom. Pluck in autumn, the grape and apple and date of peaches and plums, walnut persimmon Chinese hawthorn chestnut, let and is up to your purpose.

Summer can be rated as the Holy Land to go to summer resort, the peaks rising one upon another is clear and green, it is stained with the celestial air to the limit while receiving to vomit, the chest of easy chest directly of mountains and rivers lustily, it is completely relaxed and happy to ascend a height and look far into the distance.

Have, become like day always in the scenic spot, the intersection of ancient fort and floating clouds, the intersection of chrysanthemum and celestial valley, couple chant, more than 20 views are interspersed among them, make people so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Furnished with the hotel of the hill temperament and interest, view the restaurant of the view, facility of recreation amusement in the far distance in the scenic spot.

Always build by the mountain like the peak hotel, hold the conference halls, banquet halls for one hundred people, it is travel in holiday, meeting that recuperate, visit excellent place that go to summer resort, to select the destination on the another that go for a drive by oneself.