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Travel in the old site of Austrian embassy Beijing of China

Travel in the old site of Austrian embassy Beijing of China

Write: Dyani [2011-05-23]
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Travel in the old site of Austrian embassy  Beijing of China


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The intersection of Austrian and the intersection of embassy and the intersection of old site and the intersection of location and 6 such as top news such as factory such as base such as Dongcheng District up to the present, check in gate and main building only now. ? ? Before the Opium War (1840-1842), Chinese Government did not allow the foreign envoy to reside in Beijing and set up the embassy.

After the Opium War (1840-1842), the envoys of big powers are putting forward the requirement for setting up the embassy in Beijing constantly, in the hope of further controlling Chinese Government, dismember China. The tenth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty ( 1860 years) In October, the allied forces of Great Britain and France occupied Beijing, burnt and congratulated the bright garden, in the name of leasing, forcibly occupied the pure palaces and purely common offices of Dongjiaomin Lane area respectively, as Great Britain, embassy of France, next year, its minister begins to reside in Beijing.

Hereafter,Russia, U.S.A., Germany, than, the west, purpose, Japan, carry on one s shoulder or back by nine country too in succession area set up at Dongjiaomin Lane by embassies in China. ? ? Austria embassy set up at with curing for 10 years 1871 years) ,The first minister pays attention to and manages well.

More clear by the 26th year of Guangxu 1900) ,The Yihetuan rise, attack foreign embassy and church, is far isolated the intersection of Austrian and embassy apart from other embassies until old Chinese calendar of that year capture in the first batch on May 25. But shortly after,it is at Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty in the Yihetuan under it join forces to suppress with big powers failure.

The Eight Strategic Nerve Points has occupied Beijing, forces the Qing Government to sign hard ugly treaty of humiliating the nation and forfeiting its sovereignty, the whole Dongjiaomin Lane area is forcibly occupied by foreigners. Austria expands the domain of the embassy wilfully together with big powers, rebuilds and extends the embassy, construct the military camp, hire out the real estate, manage bank, post office, foreign firm,etc.

, carry on various economic activities. ? ? Gate and main building of the extant old site of Austrian embassy, built after 1900. The gate of the embassy functioned as the two storeyed verandah, what made and stressed the key points with the mountain flower of the Western classical style was decorated on the eaves.

Two storeys on the ground of main building in the courtyard, use mountain flower as the outstanding decorating of focal point on middle part of elevation and both sides eaves, two stories brought the verandah. The gates and main buildings are all intact now. Return one remains and carve European stone bench that the flower-drum shape stone seat holds up in the courtyard by four, the model is rather unique.

In January of 1950, the former Austrian embassy was together with room which the other foreign country of Dongjiaomin Lane take up, retracted, taken over for use by Chinese Government.