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Nanjing site travels Beijing of China

Nanjing site travels Beijing of China

Write: Shayla [2011-05-23]

Nanjing site travels  Beijing of China




Dongzhimen take dense special line of the east to the intersection of Miyun and station, transfer, go, collect China and Pakistan of direction, get swallow fall village get off always. Go by local small motor.


Nanjing site lies in the village of parking lot of Fangshan district to go to Yunfeng Mountain of the area of dragon s gate, 48 km from the urban area. Yunfeng Mountain is also called the mountain of Kowloon, gain the name because there are nine ridge such as Kowloon in it to surge forward. Yunfeng Mountain is one of the highest peaks of pulse of large Fangshan.

1300 meters above sea level. There are two streams of clear spring on both sides of peak, the flowing water is constant perennially. While regarding dragon gate of Yunfeng Mountain as promptly Nanjing, carry it in accordance with the mountain of Kowloon, expand to the both wings, 60 -km-long. Found a capital in Yanjing (Beijing) in A.

D. 1153 in Heilongjiang Province Acheng county originally in Nanjing And then, moved the Rui hill and imperial tomb of second emperor since founding of a country of emperor who found a state in 1155. Under the foot of Yunfeng Mountain, have built the first royal cemetery park of Beijing area. Moved imperial tombs of 10 emperors such as first ancestor,etc.

again in 1156. And then bright one, one, Zhang Zong, Rui one, apparent one,etc. bury here successively generation, so Nanjing gains the name. Also bury heir and important minister s in the district of imperial tomb All kings promise the land . In 1985, department began to ent of the building, site etc.

found a large number of valuable historical relics of the stone carving, tablet inscription, resisting the way, component of the building, site etc. the historical relic. Soon, this royal site of cemetery park of Nanjing, for common people to sight with its precious historical value and local beautiful natural scenery.