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Tianchi scenic spot of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Tianchi scenic spot of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Write: Rangi [2011-05-23]

Tianchi scenic spot of Beijing travels  Beijing of China


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Address: The left bank boa mountain mountaintop traffic route of Ming Tombs Reservoir of Changping district of Beijing: Public transit: Take 345 No. the east of Changping Branch to to close and get off, change to No. 919 and just get off at holiday village of phoenix mountain, walk. Drive by oneself: Take prosperous expressway of Beijing to the west of Changping and close and export ( 13C) ,Been going to the east to close the roundabout eastwards all the time along the street of government of Changping, has travelled the north in the reservoir distance, walk along the signpost of holiday village of boa mountain, see the signpost can reach Tianchi after the holiday village.


Tianchi scenic spot of Beijing lies in the left bank boa mountain mountain peak of Ming Tombs Reservoir of Changping district, about 40 km from city center in the capital, it is the largest artificial Tianchi of China. It is enclosed with hills on three sides, arbors such as the Chinese pine, Chinese juniper, apricot, mulberry tree around,etc. grow into forest, grow green and fresh, hills are undulating, Yamagata is grand. Look in the east, mao are common mountain Heaven s crafts & arts succeed. The west looks, can both overlook Ming Tombs Reservoir, international golf course and view the overall picture of scenic spot of the Ming Tombs in the far distance, the mountains and rivers are alternate, have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. It is modelled after an antique in the bright tower that there is Beijing on the southern side the highest, be expected in the grand capital, the mountain color of considerable beautiful water. In spring, the bright mountain flowers in full bloom are strange with the flower of apricot particularly; In hot summer, a cool breeze blows gently, make you after the nervous work, study and life, conscious spiritual multiplication; In autumn, has achieved great success on the way, the wonderful view of mountain forest, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Scenic spot in national AA class. Appraised as the travel scenic spot of the civilization of Beijing in 2004. Prove according to medical circle s outside China research, 400-800 meters above the sea level is the best area of the human survival, Tianchi is with its suitable height, first class air quality, the air quality of the whole year in the scenic spot is in first grade, there are natural oxygen bars Its good reputation.
Tianchi, it is the intersection of Beijing and the Ming Tombs that can hold reservoir at power plant, the intersection of North China and most large above sea level most high artificial Tianchi too, the pool carries and has an elevation of 568 meters, the capacity of reservoir is 4,500,000 cubic meters, water is 45 meters deep, girth is 1600 meters, the whole pool adopts the prevention of seepage of the armored concrete panel, two diversion tunnels lead to the underground factory building in the bottom of the pool, its source of water is Ming Tombs Reservoir 85 meters above sea level. Water in Tianchi has not merely added a beautiful scenery for the Ming Tombs tourist zone, also offered the last guarantee for peaceful and development of Beijing.
Beautiful Tianchi, has woken the mountain that has slept for many years up, has attracted the footprint of countless travel sightseers too. Tianchi with beautiful environment in the scenic spot, air fresh, beauty spot numerous, as follows, mainly Appreciate the scenery long corridor, the intersection of Tianchi and keep in good health, the intersection of dragon and spring, the intersection of view and the intersection of imperial tomb and platform, maos of common mountain, receive the intersection of source and pavilion, 588 platforms beauty spot.
The long corridor is about 150 meters long to appreciate the scenery, zigzag on the boa mountain mountain peak like a huge dragon, stand here, the beautiful scene of overlooking Ming Tombs Reservoir that can be clear, can also be in order to have a guide look of county town and grand capital of Changping district at the same time, have a panoramic view of the development and change in capital and perimeter. The long corridor is also called the paint-coated long corridor to appreciate the scenery, on top of corridor and crossbeam of the long corridor, are painted with in thick forest and tall bamboos, birds and flowers worm s fish, mountains and rivers cloud river,etc., visitors sit here, in face of the mountain breeze, while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, can also realize the vast marrow of China s painting.
The recreation of Tianchi keeps in good health and lies below the long corridor, sits in the booth facing Ming Tombs Reservoir, drink a cup of green tea, is appreciating the unique gracefulness in beautiful water mountain color and mountain forest on the boa mountain, the ones that gave somebody a kind of satisfied feeling and soul were washed away.
Enter the scenic spot, the gorgeous bright red big character Tianchi on the overhanging cliff Engrave on the eye, Tianchi impressively Two words are China s famous calligraphist, educationist, famous scholar Mr. OuYang ZhongShi s question of Capital Normal University, each word is 30 meters wide, 40 meters high, old gentleman has left the fine day waves the bottom of clear river after visiting Tianchi and learning the magical function of it, it is late to drift along in the urgent wave on day Vivid verse. receive the source pavilion Also inscribe after a wayside pavilion by coming to Tianchi personally of old gentleman, and enclose and bear the water accumulation on day, holding strength includes the light Penetrating good unite. Stand here, can be in order to have a guide look of the panorama of Tianchi, look around the excellent seat on common mountain of hair too.
Watch the platform of imperial tomb, can both overlook Ming Tombs Reservoir, international golf course and view the whole overall arrangement in the Ming Tombs in the far distance, solemn and harmonious, solemn and graceful, under the setting off of green hill green water, seem extremely solemn and graceful. The towering Yanshan Mountains are winding and coming and forming countless protective screens around the land of imperial tomb from the Northwest, and three pieces of mountain lie of the north of things are high and steep, the green grove is shady, the building of cemetery park of red wall money tiles, moved the capital to the Ming Tombs emperor s mausoleum after Beijing in the Ming Dynasty. The gold roof building of the largest scale of centre is the first of the Ming Tombs Changling Tomb ,It to build most early one royal mausoleum, bury to become the intersection of grandfather and kerria Zhu tomorrow, established in the first year of an era of Shuizhi for Qing 1640 years) ,, among them Changling Tomb, Dingling Tomb and clear imperial tomb have already been open to visitor.
Watch Tianchi in 588 platforms, merge with the imitative bright ancient tower opposite in a picture, have watched the another scene of Tianchi out. 588 platforms gain the name because the height above sea level is in 588 meters, though here has already been in the peak on mountain of boa, but the ground is plain and open, it is the airport of the specialized helicopter of company of electric wire netting of North China. Around the platform, the attractive scenery throughout the year, in spring, the bright mountain flowers in full bloom, it is quiet and beautiful to surface; In summer, green tree such as mattress, the fresh breeze is breezy; In autumn, the light cloud of wind discusses, the climate is pleasant; In winter, all in white, the wild duck plays. It can hold an important component of the power plant as the Ming Tombs, while you enjoyed its peripheral beautiful scenery to the limit, can increase the scientific popular knowledge of hydroenergy storage station, incorporate travelling in ecology, humanity, popular science into an organic whole, an extremely good place to travel and visit.