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It is visited and travelled by Taiwan that ancient Chinese pool state

It is visited and travelled by Taiwan that ancient Chinese pool state

Write: Mal [2011-05-23]

It is visited and travelled by Taiwan that ancient  Chinese pool state


It is about 1 km from peak of Goddess of Mercy under the peak of the balcony to visit by the platform. Go by bus from 9 China street to Min Yuan, then can arrive to go up a hill to take the cable car.


Under the peak of the balcony, about 1 km from peak of Goddess of Mercy. It lead to that balcony route last temple but.
Gold hides and visits reading aloud China passes here severely according to legend, the Buddhist monk builds this temple to commemorate, wish the Buddhist nunnery big by name (Buddhism is hidden calling gold Wish Bodhisattva big ). Because visit and pass Write while being easy while being popular, claim the intersection of it and ancient to visit, pass platform .
Visited it through a Mahavira Temple, rebuilt in 1994, with a construction area of 650 square meters. The layers of eaves get a bit thin on top, frame structure, the model is serious, simple and honest. Three Big Buddhism in front of the hall, about gentle and different, general and virtuous, the following island Goddess of Mercy, the eighteen disciples of Buddha of both sides.
Go to the stone more than ten steps of steps by Mahavira Temple, namely hide and visit and pass the site reaching gold. On if you can t build, open on drawing room between tile room one,about 6.67 meter high, wide to if you can t measure, let, last seated statue not supporting gold. Inlay on the wall on the right and have Ancient to visit and pass the platform One party of stone inscription of the words. Stress ground by rock on one of rectangles,at have by footprint under concave. The legend, gold was hidden and visited and passed on this protruding platform that year, this square rock was stepping-stone when worshipped on bended knees, therefore has left the foot to print. In the past bend over by tiger the holes bitter Buddhist monk that be built,hide and visit result money by, visit whether China pass decades severely , also rubed the concave mark out on the floor. Footprint when it is deep in rock, on earth it is gold hide and visit by when rub appear, a certain meddler in later age The masterpiece ,It will be unable to find out.