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Narathiwat shrine travels Chinese pool state

Narathiwat shrine travels Chinese pool state

Write: Gita [2011-05-23]

Narathiwat shrine travels  Chinese pool state


Narathiwat shrine: Have another name called and pacify a shrine, the provincial Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection, is located in flowing in the town from the east of 26 kilometers of county towns. It has belonged to Jiangxi Peng Ze that the east has flowed in the Jin Dynasty, when Tao YuanMing takes the post as the county magistrate in Pengze, have lived in the east to flow and plant chrysanthemums, and do the poem advising agriculturally , stay at home idle in September ,etc., so the east flows and refined and calls chrysanthemum city ,Call in the Changjiang River that flows through the east and flows The river of the chrysanthemum . The descendant admire the noble character and sterling integrity in Narathiwat, build the shrine and offer sacrifices to it. Narathiwat shrine is exquisite and beautiful, the loose chrysanthemum is set off all around, the withy is whirling.
Narathiwat shrine, has another name called the pottery and pacifies a shrine, is located in until the soft-shelled turtle stone mountain in the town flows in the east of the county, it is establishing in initial stage of Song Dynasty for commemorating great writer, poet Tao YuanMing set up in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.
Tao YuanMing, the name is sneaked, alias five Mr. Liu, posthumous number pacifies one. Mulberry of open firewood of Xun of Jiangxi (today Jiujiang) People, justice is bright two years (A.D. 406) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty Take the post as the county magistrate in Pengze in autumn, takes office for more than 80 days, superintend and direct and post the county in order to retreat, & 127; Must band salute, see pottery deep pool will sigh, say tomorrow: How could I come for five dou of rice, bow to child of home town! Explain by oneself and print Shou and leave, get back to the hometown, lives in seclusion in the rural area, study and plant chrysanthemums. It belongs to Pengze county that the east flows in the region today in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, according to legend after the pottery deep pool will resign tomorrow, in order to avoid the pestering of government official in state, prefecture, have taken the east of lower boat and flowed, has lived in seclusion and planted chrysanthemums. So, the east flowed to leave much legends about the bright kind of chrysanthemums of deep pool of pottery. And spread The chrysanthemum garden . It is old /hit son the presbyopic glasses : Former times pottery deep pool is bright kinds of chrysanthemum s county manage on flowing the east,back therefore county is also chrysanthemum famous. Will it be initial stage Song Dynasty, someone begin in the intersection of chrysanthemum and garden, chrysanthemum the intersection of TV station and old place build the intersection of chrysanthemum and the intersection of river and pavilion, pottery pacify sections of shrine,etc., commemorate the pottery deep pool is bright. Bright Wan goes through in the first year of an era (1573 of the Christian era) Annual, pacify the pottery in the city in a shrine to move and build the stone of soft-shelled turtle outside the chrysanthemum Jiangmen. Destroy in the suffering caused by warfare at end of Ming Dynasty. The two year of Shunzhi s rign in Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1645) Reconstruction. After being clear, the chaos caused by war several times, the trials and hardship degrades, long neglected and in disrepair, the chrysanthemum river pavilion by the shrine, the intersection of Wenchang and pavilion, too white the intersection of book and floor wait for building collapse in succession, pottery pacify section and short wall depend on all around only.
The pottery pacifies a shrine, the door is opened in the direction of Pengze county town, plant five of willow in front of the door, symbolize five Mr. Liu ,The left of the shrine is the green only clear studying the lake; Right of the shrine is mist-covered waters and great 3.5 kilometers of lakes that are waded. Set up the intersection of shrine and door, look far into the distance, large Jiangdong go, wave surge fly to, a sail shuttles back and forth, make people completely relaxed and happy. Until whether the east shed county annals year: At shrine on four sides lead to,of shrine,it is last sections of statue not to enshrine and worship,last incense burner table ago. Shrine the intersection of factory and pavilion, pavilion railway platform, broad all several, build bricks for the wall around, two the south gate under the platform, several dozen is pedalled at the frank class. Face the river as the workshop, the clump plants chrysanthemums outside the workshop. The intersection of shrine and the intersection of pavilion and the intersection of doors and windows and the intersection of square-column and column, scribble painting all, structure magnificent and environment quiet and beautiful. Separate in the oblique dusk of mountain of cloud of bank, far village cigarette tree and latent horizontal deep pool: the noisy man s world of car and horse of nihility, remain and have fish s charming guest s boats . Past dynasties distinguished personages, scholar, poet go the persons who pay a visit there is no lack of such people Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as Zhu Xi, king ten friend, Mei YaoChen, in Wan Yang, last grandfather, Yu Qian,et al. Luyou, soup, cross the east, flow, hang the intersection of chrysanthemum and garden, call on pottery shrine, chant a pottery poem of chrysanthemum after leaving a lot of. The bright minister of the Ministry of War in feudal China Yu Qian s poem is called: By five carefree willow of cane shoe, a diction does the article of the Jin Dynasty on one s own authority alone. Virgin one is a merciless thing, too altogether the gentleman has fragrant integrity in one s later years.