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Long live to travel according to the room Chengde of China

Long live to travel according to the room Chengde of China

Write: Compton [2011-05-23]

Long live to travel according to the room  Chengde of China


Long live lie, four know study according to room, pieces of rich 19, commonly called as 19 rooms . Three of middle part are the family hall for worshipping Buddha, by name the treasure is cut down and explained ,Both sides are each a passway. Shine until long live on room as circle,front part every hall before belonging to towards,it is behind for after get into bed,namely imperial sleeping palace emperor later.
Three are the family hall for worshipping Buddha originally that long live to shine in the middle of the room The treasure raft is explained ,The Bainqen had supported and visited in this family hall for worshipping Buddha. It is the corridor to seraglio now, embrace the couplet written on scrolls of column and eight stone drums displaying a copper horizontal inscribed board, a pair of copper in the east side and the west side.
Copper horizontal inscribed board, copper cherish the couplet written on scrolls of column: It is a component of a mirror pavilion of pearl source temple of mountain area of Summer Villa. Cases of the intersection of mirror and pavilion build in the tenth year of Qianlong 1746 years) ,Cast with Summer Palace treasure cloud pavilion and mould of Beijing. Destroyed, only has this component left during the invasion to China of Japan. These two historical relics not only reflected the superb craft casted in bronze at that time, also Japan invaded and destroyed the material object of Chinese culture to illustrate. Stone drum: Namely drum the stones of shape,at be carved with by charactersed,write by seal characters big, namely whether stone is gentle in drum. Drum gentle stone for advocate, manage acrobatic skill, the oldest stone engraving of hunting by one s own document ancient emperor. Because characters content record and narrate, visit, hunt situation, claim hunt the tone tablet too ,It is the Warring States that the stone drum is gentle Qin offers common works of 11 years. Carved with an ancient poetry on each drum, what the content is recorded is, the emperor Zhou sends envoy to Qin, grand occasion which Qin Gong swims to hunt with envoy. The stone drum is gentle to occupy the outstanding position on Chinese character calligraphy. At the beginning in Tang of stone drum, wild in the Shaanxi harmony county and was found on the ground, but not been collected, moved in Confucius temple to the wind and circled in the air later. Scatter again at the time of five generations. Song Chao, Song HuiZong orders people to fill out and inlay the characters on the stone drum with the gold, the furnishings check the ancient pavilion in the inner office.
When the Ming and Qing Dynasties, display the stone drum in the large crossdrift of the Imperial College and Confucian Temple in succession. Emperor in Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the Imperial College must see the stone drum is gentle, it is long and damaged to intimidate the stone increasingly in Beijing, model two sets, with the little seal cutting word, and kiss the stone drum gentle imitating and tying of the bow tight repairing and is written, Tibet is in Beijing the Imperial College, Tibet is in Chengde Confucian temple. Stone the intersection of drum and original display in Beijing s Imperial Palace imprinting the hall now. Because Chengde Confucian temple is destroyed, the stone drum is collected in Summer Villa museum.