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Happy farm house of wild hillside Hebei Chengde of China

Happy farm house of wild hillside Hebei Chengde of China

Write: Glen [2011-05-23]

Happy farm house of wild hillside

Located in the centre area in the beautiful three wild slope scenic spots, carry, rest on to refuse the intersection of horse and the intersection of river and scenic spot people by scenery, in the face of towering one pair of sub peaks that towers. The little courtyard environment is fresh and quiet and tastefully laid out, the varicoloured wild flower is seen everywhere, combine with the simple and unsophisticated local trait, let you really have a feeling which return to nature.

There are more than 20 guest rooms now in this small courtyard, can hold more than 60 people at the same time, the special dining room of peasant family offered various cooked food with lacol flavor to you. To it bakes red trouts to be wild three first-class slope happy farm house, can enjoy the singing of the brook alone in the evening, mountain peak is quiet, long starry sky; Can also participate in the bonfire party and sing and dance festively and gather happily together with the local ethnic minority, let you forget all tired and troubles.

Address: Happy farm house of three wild slopes in Baoding of Hebei

Postcode: 074104

Tel.: 0312-4568616

Contact: Zhang ShengGe

Mobile: 13931352163