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Travel in the pool of the west 18 of Beijing Beijing of China

Travel in the pool of the west 18 of Beijing Beijing of China

Write: Veda [2011-05-23]

Travel in the pool of the west 18 of Beijing  Beijing of China


20 yuan for each person


Address: Mentougou District Wang Ping village of Zhenan home of Beijing Traffic route: 1. The apple field iron sets off westwards 200 meters times 929 No. Branch get off at pool of the west 18 of Beijing and arrive promptly. 2. 34 kilometers for train 815 gets off and arrives promptly by train in Yongdingmen.

Drive the route by oneself: Go the intersection of lotus and the intersection of stone and way or the intersection of mound and the intersection of stone and way along 109 national road, walk to 52 place get the intersection of Beijing and the intersection of the west and 18 pool promptly.


The pool of the west 18 of Beijing faces Yongding River, the mountain surrounds water to move round, it succeeds in since the scene. 18 pools lie in Mentougou District Wang Ping area and settle down within the territory of the village, it is one of the rare natural scenic spots of the North of China, until valley dark and stone strange and water special spending different famous foring.
It is sharp to carry the fresh water depended on in one group of pools, it is one of four major peaks Beijing. But Yachi stream pour, constant in four seasons, peaks rising one upon another, peak return water look around, become waterfall on every precipice, meeting the gully succeeds the pool, has formed pool of scene 18 of three waterfalls six known far and wide Its natural landscape. On the valley mouth but it is another view: Two mountains such as doors, trace back along valley, seventy percent discount for a peak, the mountain is all very high and steep; Grotesque peak spectacular rocky peak, the cliffside spring goes against accepted conventions, the stone is shunted, hits the precipice cave; Mountain next door stand a thousand, birds and beasts gather, cliff Chinese wisteria gather, gather, spend, weave. Three waterfalls fly and flow to rush down directly, the high one is more than 10 meters. Six scenes differ from one another, the mountain is dangerous, the stone is strange, the flower is fragrant, bird s twitter. The depth differ on 18 pools, and there are fish in the pool pool. So far, such as reaching immortal s pleasant place, can witness the pool bottom Dragon Palace.
Ten thousand piles of Yanshan Mountains and ten thousand piles of spring, the waterfall flies and flows to hang former Sichuan; Blue and green water is sharp to the muddy bank; Pool of scene 18 of three waterfalls six. as if signed the note in the Ming Dynasty Wen Zhong said: The fresh water is sharp, in more than 200 li of wild goose s wings society in the west in the county, there is cool spring under the mountain, and the falloff very much of mountain peak, thus come the name of. Clear water river, the large village of Taiwan, enter Hun River 55 kilometers west of the county . Ancient say by mileage so difficult accurate,mountain peak, current of spring can difference. Lying in Wang Ping area has clear spring to flow from the hill-side that has an elevation of over thousands of meters to settle down at the sharp northern foot of fresh water within the territory of the village, settling down in the west of village village and entering Yongding River. Spring torrent lay, become waterfall meet gully as pool on every precipice, both sides green hill green, the empty valley is deep and remote and blue. Between spring and summer, the bright mountain flowers in full bloom, fragrant air, the bee longs for the butterfly dance, the little chirping of birds flies; The maple leaf flows redly in late autumn, dye to the limit in one layer of forest; Insult the intersection of pool and glacier fall midwinter, like the intersection of jade and dragon, fly to the sky, heavenly, form the three the intersection of waterfall and six the intersection of scene and 18 pool Beautiful natural landscape.