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Travel in Daming Lake Jinan of China

Travel in Daming Lake Jinan of China

Write: Davy [2011-05-23]

Travel in Daming Lake  Jinan of China

Open hour

Slack period 6: 30- 17: 30 Busy season 6: 30- 18: 30


Ticket 30, the tour bus 10 / person, the sightseeing boat 10 / person.


Drive and swim by oneself: Can choose the west export of Jinan of Beijing-Fuzhou expressway to leave, the east competent along Jing Shi Road, the north competent to it come ons to be the intersection of Daming Lake and north gate until bright the intersection of Hubei and way export along the intersection of river and overpass at the intersection of province and sports center, make the high speed, arrive in about 30 minutes.

The southwest door of bus: The city can arrive to take 11, 41, 66, 106, Bus No. k54, k98, k109, k91, k95; East gate: The city can arrive to take Bus No.s 41, 83, 30, 31, 36, 37, 63, 118, 122, 201; North gate: The city can arrive to take Bus No.s 6, 30, 33, 83, 118, 122; South gate: The city can arrive to take 11, 41, 106, Bus No. k54, k95, k98, k109.

Note: Offer environmental protection to visitor and visit the sight-seeing bus in Daming Lake scenic spot, employ and park promptly, ticket price is 2 yuan.


Daming Lake lies in the centre of Jinan urban area to call as three major scenic spots in Jinan jointly with Bao Tuquan, Qianfo Mount. This lake is a natural lake formed after all spring converge, the area of lake surface is 46.5 hectares, Daming Lake has a long history, the scenery is beautiful, the scenic spots and historical sites spread all over during that time, it is combined that the natural landscape is ingenious with the human cultural sight, contain the long intension of history and culture, have very high garden artistic level and view and admire and visit value.
Daming Lake, there are characters that record that was more than 1,400 years ago in write at a line of yuan of Li water is by the note . Been called \ at the time of six dynasties Lake \ of lotus seeds ; Have another name called when Sui and Tang dynasties Go through water Bei . Have in Song Dynasty West Lake It claim, once the intersection of poem and cloud Gong: the left agrees with thousand li and walks in the east, like to have the West Lake June coolly It is obvious Daming Lake at that time had relieved summer heat and visited the place of the rest already. Start to be called Daming Lake by Jin Dynasty. Rebuilt the city wall, the looks that Daming Lake became today for the first time in the Ming Dynasty. three pieces of willow of lotus on four sides, the lake of half a city of color of mountain of a city It was the scenery in Daming Lake that was written. Water of Daming Lake comes from Pearl Spring in the city, spring of washing the tassel spring, palace pool, lotus etc., there is all spring converge Say, the lake water is cool, the cloud shadow at daylight, visiting the fish can be seen. The source of water in Daming Lake is sufficient, water drainage is convenient, so there are the permanent rain does not rise, do not dry up longly and on land Characteristic,long-term water level invariable. More than 800 of weeping willow are surrounded along the lake. Carry on one s shoulder or back the pool in the lake, the green leaf field field, carry on one s shoulder or back the red lotus in vain, enhance each other s beauty, vie with each other for glamour; The flower is in bloom in season, carry on one s shoulder or back fragrantly and waft and brim with, gladden the heart and refresh the mind.
The fish dive kite of lake surface flies, above the bluish waves, the gaily-painted pleasure-boat walks, the small boat swings the wave. The bank south mountain of Hubei is dark green, the ring is listed as rejecting, is mirrored the lake, the difficult book of picture. The intersection of lakeside and the intersection of flowers and luxuriant tree, calendar lay pavilion, the intersection of iron and common shrine, Arctic temple, remit wave floor pavilions, terraces and open halls to set off in the green shade, let people have more visitors or business than one can attend to. The wave shine late, it can be viewed and admired on the lake that the inverted image of Foshan, bright lake are monthly in autumn on the misty rain in China of magpie, gathering together in eight scenes in Jinan. Daming Lake is until mists and waves stretch far into the distance and green tree cover empty, carry on one s shoulder or back Pu under the sun and the intersection of pavilion and the intersection of TV station and the intersection of corridor and enchanting sight of pavilion gain numerous personages praise through the ages: whether in order to in last month such as wave such as West Lake, wine wake up still until the intersection of paper and window bright , ask where I enter inflammation to steam, West Lake of 66.67 hectares shines the eyes bright , whether suffused with, ice it winter, Yi Xia carry on one s shoulder or back wave, hold the intersection of reed and snow autumn, the intersection of spring scenery and cigarette Yang, among the drum, such as visiting the fragrant country , gull s egret click the clear wave, the desolate drum helps far it, the winning too alone of firm Jiangbei All these are the true portrayal in Daming Lake.
Daming Lake is not only an extremely good place to go sight-seeing in rest, but also abounds with the lotus root lake fish in the lake, \ taking fresh fish, tender lotus root, fragrant lotus in the lake as material The whole the intersection of fish and dinner, stewed lotus seeds with sugar candy, the intersection of crystal and lotus root, the intersection of dish and boiled meat dumpling,etc. Pu have \ The calendar makes the flavor \ Name take. Daming Lake is dredge clear silt, repairs and extends, build the lake bank by laying bricks or stones many times, having beautified the garden to hold, resume rebuilding the scenic spots and historical sites, warding off builds higher viewing and admiring some of cultural level such as exhibition hall of calligraphy and painting, stone inscription exhibition, add teahouse hotel, sightseeing boat and recreation facility, make Daming Lake radiate the vigour of youth and become a beautiful scenery.