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Valley health reason farm house of the Mao s of Ji county China Tianjin Ji county

Valley health reason farm house of the Mao s of Ji county China Tianjin Ji county

Write: Tybalt [2011-05-23]

Valley health reason farm house of the Mao s of Ji county

The intersection of house and the intersection of valley and long-lived holiday village Mao located in the place pierces through the sweet-smelling valley township 16 kilometers east of the Tianjin Ji county town. The north join royal the intersection of garden and the intersection of Kowloon and the intersection of mountain and national Forest Park, adjoin bluish waves in the south incline Wan green to reject the lake, the east leads to East Imperial Tomb of Qing Dynasty, reach empress carrying and Huangyaguan the ancient Great Wall in the west.

It is beautiful that the mountain surrounds water moving round, strange stone strange rock, scene in the holiday village; Surrounded by hills around, peaceful and quiet; Have stone, ten thousand forest, a thousand fruit, peculiar views such as the tree, long-lived people, pavilion in the style of the ancients,etc.

of a century for less than hundred million year. Have already opened up into an only macrobiotic holiday village taking longevity as the theme at present in North China now. Meet advocate the health and pursue the longevity Social for hope, seek simplicity and return to satisfaction people by nature Demand.

You come here, not merely can live in the clean and neat farmyards, have the fresh and delicious peasant family meal, can also participate in the large-scale bonfire party free, participate in various interesting peasant family activities, for instance: Plucks, is visited vegetables museum,etc. in the orchard.

The reason farm house of the health is located in the macrobiotic northeast corner of holiday village of valley of the Mao s, the environment is peaceful, peace and quiet, the breath of peasant family is strong, can eat the fresh dish, award the strange stone. There is a guest room of 2- 9 people room that amounts to 7 in the courtyard, can hold 30 people s board and lodging at the same time. The room is clean, comfortable, hygiene, and there are air conditioners, color TVs. Move in per person per day only taking 55 yuan Suck the breakfast,lunch and dinner expenses) .

Characteristic: The intersection of peasant family and meal of here have characteristics, as follows, among them Mushroom stew chicken, fry the intersection of firewood and egg, the intersection of edible wild herbs and the intersection of filling and the intersection of dish and propeller, fry the intersection of Chinese toon and fish, egg custard, roast the intersection of mountain and Yu, boil corn 20 the intersection of multi-type and the intersection of peasant family and meal.

Characteristic travel project: Visitors not only can experience the life of the peasant family here, can also participate in folk custom and modern activity. For instance: Do the Yangko, bonfire party, taking ox s carriage, goes angling in the open, paintball shooting (present 20 cartridges, the group is very favourable) , the group expands and trains.

A good place for keeping in good health and spending holidays here, welcome the friends from all walks of life to act as a guest to health reason!

Contact: Guo Fenglian

Telephone number: 022-22760413; 13821407173

Address: The Mao s of Tianjin Ji county is abundant