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The face temple travels Jining of China

The face temple travels Jining of China

Write: Odion [2011-05-23]

The face temple travels  Jining of China


10 yuan


Leave from Confucian mansion along the north of drum-tower street, can also go by a Bus No. or tricycle.


The face temple lies in the north gate of Qufu of Shandong, it is distant and right to separate the street with Confucian mansion back garden, offer sacrifices to the shrine temple where color went back.
The face goes back to the sub deep pool of the word, it is one of Confucius proudest disciples. It is but with great concentration to study while being easy if he is a person of scanty means, praise Confucius, say him to be eager to learn to vent one s spleen on who is not to blame, one bamboo utensil eat and one wooden dipper drink, occupy simple and crude lane, people it can t bear theirs to be worried, go back, make a change either it happy, the virtuous one goes back too . The face is also famous for moral integrity the hole door disciple.
It is loyal in Tang Taizong go back view two faces senior in age for Ahead of the teacher ,Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty chases one hour It is common to fill the country ,When Yuan Dynasty to add one again Fill the country to reply holily and commonly ,So far it is respectfullied call that the face goes back It is holy to reply ,The face temple is also known as Reply the Confucius temple (used after a verb to indicate the completion of an action). The face temple divides the courtyard of three passages, takes up an area of 5.667 hectares. There are 159 in hall, hall, pavilion, storehouse, workshop on the door,etc.. At temple have being holy without being replied door mainly, benevolence door, last doors, simple and crude lane well, Leting holy, reply by Temple of God and stone-tablet pavilion,etc. building, establish in Yuan Dynasty.
There are wells of simple and crude lane in the holy door to reply, there are octagonal open-air side pavilions in the periphery. There is what the Ming Dynasty established in the north of the well The well of simple and crude lane The stone tablet is for commemorating the face goes back a bamboo utensil is eaten, a wooden dipper is drunk, occupy the simple and crude lane Economical morality stand. It is the main hall to reply the Temple of God. Things two Wu institute the persons of virtue of later age such as house face, such as push away Yan Zi, face teacher is ancient, etc at the ministers and faces reals.
There are more than 60 upright stone tablets in all in the face temple. Among them two stood in Yuan Dynasty Big yuans of imperial decree grant teacher fill country reply holy common new the intersection of temple and tablet first Until whether big yuan add copies of Yan Zi s parents, make the word tablet . Two tablet carve, succeed with ancient the intersection of Mongolian and document and the intersection of Chinese and contrast, record and narrate, add copies of the intersection of face and go back and situation of parents at that time above, this has certain value in studying paleography. On June 25, 2001, the face was sanctioned listing to temple in the list of the fifth batch of Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protections.