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Nan Ping stone Foshan Fujian Nan Ping of China

Nan Ping stone Foshan Fujian Nan Ping of China

Write: Tyrus [2011-05-23]

Nan Ping stone Foshan  Fujian Nan Ping of China

Stone Foshan ancient to claim, spread out celestial mountain, legend take the place of the intersection of Nan Ping and people, spread out guest, make pills of immortality celestial being here the Jin Dynasty, it is one of eight flat scenes to prolong for being ancient Spread out hillfoot fine rosy clouds .

Stone Foshan Forest Park is located in the north of Nan Ping, the whole area is 164 hectares, it is boundless and indistinct a quintessence scenic spot that swings the mountain in the provincial scenic spot. Stone Buddhism it succeeds in the whole district, the gorge is deep and serene; Endanger the rock jaggedly, the forest is lush and strongly fragrant; Rub the precipice to inscribe, ancient temple trace; Limpid in the ravine pool, if cliffside waterfall goes straight.

There are more than ten grades of waterfalls inside, each grade flies and flows and leaves dozens of meters directly, the pearl flies to spatter the jade, water is clear to see the bottom, go boating here and hit water, pleasant. Having already developed over 50 beauty spots in the three comprehensive scenic spots at present, it is the comprehensive tourist attraction that incorporates visiting the mountain, dabbling, repairing and learning, spending holidays into an organic whole.

Scenery characteristic

It is temperate in climate and wet in the stone Foshan, forest coverage rate 93.6%, 97 families of varieties of trees, 285 belong to, 678 kinds, plant variety exceed 1300 multi-type, 2 times that of European plant variety, list country in, lay special stress on protecting the intersection of wild plant and register, 20 kinds among them, first-grade state protection plant sting spinulose tree fern, southern Chinese yew for instance, second protect the intersection of plant and ginkgo, the intersection of clock and the intersection of calyx and wood, the intersection of umbrella and flowers and trees and tertiary to protect plant, sink the intersection of water and camphor tree,etc.

. There are rare animals such as black bear, blue sheep, clouded leopard, serow, silver pheasant,etc. and many kinds of flying birds on the mountain, have already appraised 315 kinds of 45 families of insect. The stone Foshan belongs to ecological natural environment in virgin forest once, possess advantages such as the scientific experiment, teaching practice, visiting investigating, sightseeing, recreation and spending holidays,etc.


Folkways and customs

On the Mid-autumn Festival, people s entire family reunites, drink and admire the full moon, mutually cause the season s greetings. Have folk custom humorously most, should throw the handkerchief on the places such as several Nan Ping, Long Xi in Fujian,etc. Mid-autumn Festival Activity. This day, put up a colorful platform on the square, decorate into moon palace ,There is the moon , cinnamon When.

Bright moon when empty, some girls to be married, play the part of pretty young women of the lady in the moon Go up on the stage, sing with everybody first, then throw embroidering the handkerchief with a variety of flowers to all directions, the audience vie for the handkerchief, and pretty young woman of the lady in the moon s The design in the hand is the same, can receive the award.

If the unmarried young man loves The pretty young woman of the lady in the moon ,When she consents tacitly to, will take off rings to present.

Flavor local product

Seed of Job s tears, sword-leaved cymbidium, mountain red glossy ganoderma of Wuyi, Lentinus Edodes, red mushroom, son s claw

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