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Boundless and indistinct to swing the mountain Fujian Nan Ping of China

Boundless and indistinct to swing the mountain Fujian Nan Ping of China

Write: Kamal [2011-05-23]

Boundless and indistinct to swing the mountain  Fujian Nan Ping of China

About scenic spot

Boundless and indistinct to swing the mountain and is commonly called as the muddleheaded ocean, lie in the northwestern part of Nanping City, area is 117 sq. km.. 828 meters of average sea, the highest peak has an elevation of 1363 meters. Mountain thousands of peak compete in beauty and rock Wan fight for, very, have the intersection of celestial being and piles of stone, stone, one hundred cliffside waterfall, Tin Wu, the intersection of Rui Long and bridge, fine the intersection of rain and the intersection of tree,etc. and dozens of wonderful scenery, Ma of Kazakhstan,

Scenery characteristic

It is a fairly good summer resort that boundless and indistinct to swing the mountain, 19.3 degrees of average annual temperature, it is called Mount Lushan in Fujian . The mountain deep and remote Lin Shen here, the clear spring is purling and slow, the cloud and mist curls up, the forest is dense, even if get here in midsummer, also will feel slight chill in the air attacks people.

Boundless and indistinct to swing the intersection of mountain and strange tree to be different to spend a lot of, among them particularly in order to grow in the intersection of mound and the intersection of village and fine rain tree Most peculiar, it is an old Chinese yew, the tree is 17 meters high.

In festival of every summer and autumn, the sun is high in the sky, there must be silk silk drizzles to descend slowly and lightly under the tree, and the stronger the sunshine is, the denser the raindrop is, visitors exclaim the wonder of this world all without exception. Boundless and indistinct to swing mountain a thousand peak, compete in beauty, rock Wan fight for the drawing room, one uses the stone paving Fujian honest Jiangxi in the east, commonly called as 3,800 banks .

Honest total length is about 5 kilometers, the strange stone is lofty and steep on the way, the flowers and trees grow prosperity, the soughing of the wind in the pines of the wind roll, the scene of all meeting the eye, is a good place for launching the forest bath and travelling. The famous small stream source Veranda of 5 kilometers Lie across the boundless and indistinct west that swings the mountain range.

The west curbstone rock of the veranda is in different poses and with different expressions, the spring waterfall surges and splashes.

Folkways and customs

On the Mid-autumn Festival, people s entire family reunites, drink and admire the full moon, mutually cause the season s greetings. Have folk custom humorously most, should throw the handkerchief on the places such as several Nan Ping, Long Xi in Fujian,etc. Mid-autumn Festival Activity. This day, put up a colorful platform on the square, decorate into moon palace ,There is the moon , cinnamon When.

Bright moon when empty, some girls to be married, play the part of pretty young women of the lady in the moon Go up on the stage, sing with everybody first, then throw embroidering the handkerchief with a variety of flowers to all directions, the audience vie for the handkerchief, and pretty young woman of the lady in the moon s The design in the hand is the same, can receive the award.

If the unmarried young man loves The pretty young woman of the lady in the moon ,When she consents tacitly to, will take off rings to present.

Flavor local product

Wuyi rock tea, mushroom, snake s dinner, snake s wine, snake s dinner, Wuyi bamboo shoots, seed of Job s tears of Wuyi, wooden Chinese torreya, wild red mushroom, natural of Lentinus Edodes of Wuyi, general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree