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The bright filial piety imperial tomb travels Nanjing of China

The bright filial piety imperial tomb travels Nanjing of China

Write: Yuri [2011-05-23]

The bright filial piety imperial tomb travels  Nanjing of China

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1,The coupon ticket of scenic spot, 70 yuan, including bright filial piety hill, plum blossom mountain, plum blossom valley, red building skill literature garden, lake 5 beauty spots of purple rosy clouds. 2,Zhong Shan Tomb scenic spot (80 yuan of ticket, includes Zhong Shan Tomb, efficacious valley temple, Music Radio, Sun Yat-sen memorial museum of beauty spot) , a series of tickets of scenic spot of the bright filial piety hill scenic spot, 140 yuan, include all beauty spots in the district.

3,The annual ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb costs 150 yuan, besides containing all beauty spots in two scenic spots, also include palace, Purple Mountain observatory, Zhongshan Botanical Garden of white horse s park, mendicant Buddhist monk s mountain range mountaintop park, beautiful age. Get the ticket to click: The ticket office of the beauty spot, guide s service centre of scenic spot marketing included of every ticket office of scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb garden, annual ticket.

While buying the favourable annual ticket, must hold effective certificate and one inch and act accordingly and pay attention to.


Taking tourist bus No. 2, 3, bus No. 20 can be reached. From Zhong Shan Tomb to bright filial piety hill, efficacious valley temple, there are travel mini trains that can arrive, the mini train to valley temple of fairy can sit free according to the ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb; If holding the coupon ticket can take the mini train to Zhong Shan Tomb free; If hold the coupon ticket, can rent the storage battery cars of 8-10, there is the guide that explains, 20 yuan for each person, can reach any scenic spot in Zhong Shan Tomb.


Lie in the intersection of Nanjing and the intersection of city and east suburb Purple Mountain Zhong Shan) The mound of Dulong plays the side of Shanxi of cogongrass under Mount Qomolangma in the southern foot.
Bright the intersection of filial piety and the intersection of imperial tomb and the intersection of overall arrangement and great hero, structure rigorous, imperial tomb way of the spirits turn on curved long precedent combine Ming and Qing Dynasties such as influence. Bright the intersection of emperor who found a state and the intersection of bright red and yuan mausoleum of jade tablet spend 17 years building up. The extant one is only the last part of the cemetery park.
Its total arrangement is divided into two parts: First, guide the way of the spirits of the building, erect the stone beast, stone people on the way of the spirits, Yicheng of the cemetery park can step on it to satisfy free and unfetteredly, there is stone engraving in the centre carried The tomb of the bright emperor who found a state of this mountain ; Second, the intersection of mausoleum and the intersection of subject and building, that is bright red yuans of jade tablet bury the ground. It is large by Jinmen city have stand to his father Zhu Di The holy tablet of Germany of supernatural work of imperial tomb of the big bright filial piety .
The way of the spirits of the mausoleum of the way of the spirits of main view of imperial tomb of the bright filial piety begins from the city. City one of stone-tablet pavilions,destroy top of it already, be lasted walls square only and be there is be stone tablet each to place oneself in tortoise Fu flat insided, the tablet inscription is written in person by Zhu Di, count 2746 words, states the charitable and pious deeds of the emperor who found a state clearly in details.
Carved digging for monoblock building stones in stone engraving of the way of the spirits, dimension was tall and big, vivid and rough, it is a classical creation in the stone engraving of emperor s tomb of Ming Dynasty.
800 meter long the intersection of way of the spirits and stone engraving, first half set up the intersection of stone and the intersection of beast and 6 12, sequentially: Lion, Xie, camel, like, Chinese unicorn, horse, 4 for each kind, two sets up two and lies. Stone the intersection of beast and end set up the stone and look at the column Also called the cloud pillar) One pair, it is to the north to cross this and roll over, list the stone stone image 8 body, gentle official s military officer is each four, separate it by one.
The bright red gate of the bright filial piety imperial tomb of bright red gate faces south, to the mountain of the plum blossom, the door forehead is submitted a written statement to The bright filial piety imperial tomb Three words. Two and resist the pavilion behind the stone-tablet pavilion originally, call killing domestic animal s pavilion, claiming to obey the hall of in the east in the west.
Enjoy the bright filial piety hill ground timber structure building of the hall to mostly destroy in clear soldier and the fights of the peaceful army of 1853. Enjoy the foundation that Shang Ke sees 64 stone pillars on the position of the hall originally, therefore can imagine the scale that enjoyed the hall that year is very large. Enjoy hall for being clear with cure 12 now 1873 years) Rebuild, much smaller than a original one, enshrine and worship the intersection of bright red and yuans of jade tablet, draw a portrait inside.
It is more than 100 meters for a block of depths, vacant lot several dozen meters wide to enjoy and bring up the rear, there are corridors in the middle, forest of both sides is luxuriant. Corridor end have stone bridge, call Great Stone Bridge, also call, rise celestial bridge, it means, pass bridge this the celestial circle .
It is that one is 75 meters wide, 16 meters high and entering the castle type building 31 meters deep in the north of floor bridge to be bright, called Fang Cheng. Producing the tunnel things each has stone steps that can step on the city to carry. The city has a bright floor of palatial architecture to carry originally, top and wooden structure of bright floor have already been destroyed, only store the brick wall on four sides now.
Gaze far into the distance on the top of the mahjong, there is Zhong Shan Tomb in the east, in the south is a mountain of a plum blossom, there is Botanical Garden of Zhongshan in the west, in the north is top .
The top of top is a big round mound of about 400 meters in diameter, namely the underground palace that Zhu YuanZhang and queen Ma are buried in the same grave. There are cliffs built of strip stones around it, are carved with tomb of the bright emperor who found a state of this mountain on its cliff in the south Seven big characters. Trees verdant all around, a burst of soughing of the wind in the pines, make people can t help and take place, think ancient exquisite feelings.
The determination of the background knowlege tomb location of imperial tomb of the bright filial piety: The mound of Dulong is a small hillock lying in the highest peak of Purple Mountain, it is 150 meters high, the diameter is about 400 meters, it is like an enormous natural tomb tomb. The feudal emperor of China often likens oneself to really dragon the emperor, builds the imperial tomb in Dulong mound, accord with the demands for feudalistic superstition very much.
Zhu YuanZhang steps on not long after base of Nanjing, paradise after caring very much that died by oneself ,Begin to prepare to build the mausoleum. The minister of Liu BoWen, Xu Da, often meeting spring etc. proposes unanimously and simultaneously Dulong is abundant to play Mount Qomolangma . Fix like this in the location of tomb in the mausoleum.
The origin of the tomb name: More big by military 15 years 1382 years) ,After the first project was finished, just met on horse the queen passed awayed, Zhu YuanJin had held the grand funeral for her, and bury its efficacious pivot in people s mausoleum, it is kind queen of the filial piety to seal her , bright filial piety imperial tomb The mausoleum name comes from this. In 1383, the major project audience hall of the imperial tomb of the filial piety is built up. In 1392, the crown prince marks and passes away, bury cinnabar in the east of imperial tomb of filial piety, is called the east imperial tomb. More big by military 31 years 1398 years) Build up holy tablet of Germany of supernatural work of imperial tomb of the big bright filial piety ,Build the project of imperial tomb and come to an end entirely, the project lasts 23 years.
Whole bright the intersection of filial piety and the intersection of imperial tomb and the intersection of building and range, defend from in the east the intersection of filial piety and imperial tomb, the south reach defend hillock get down from horse in the workshop, support it by the city wall in the west, reach half way up the mountain of Dulong hillock in the north, has an area of more than 20 kilometers, one may well say the scale is broad.
The mystery of the underground palace: The bright filial piety imperial tomb is Zhu YuanZhang s mausoleum building, but where is the concrete position of its underground palace, all the time opinions vary, the history does not have final conclusion. Long live popular legends such as the mountain,etc. towards Heavenly Palace, Beijing Zhu YuanZhang once had 13 city gates that carried a coffin to the cemetery at the same time and buried in Nanjing while burying.
In order to clarify the historical truth, began in 1998, the archaeological expert thought after spending nearly 6 years doing accurately and exploring, the mound of Dulong is the seat in the center in the bright filial piety hill underground palace, Zhu YuanZhang buries place of several dozen meters under the mound of Dulong, and this underground palace is intact, the underground palace that has excluded spreading in the past from is stolen the saying.