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Sun Yat-sen travels in the memorial museum Nanjing of China

Sun Yat-sen travels in the memorial museum Nanjing of China

Write: Filippa [2011-05-23]

Sun Yat-sen travels in the memorial museum  Nanjing of China

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06: 30- 18: 30


1,The ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb scenic spot, 80 yuan, include Zhong Shan Tomb, efficacious valley temple, Music Radio, Sun Yat-sen memorial museum of beauty spot. 2,A series of tickets of scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb scenic spot, bright filial piety hill scenic spot, 130 yuan, include all beauty spots in two scenic spots.

Holding a series of tickets can take the block of scene and visit the mini train free. 3,The annual ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb costs 150 yuan, besides containing all beauty spots in two scenic spots, also include palace, Purple Mountain observatory, Zhongshan Botanical Garden of white horse s park, mendicant Buddhist monk s mountain range mountaintop park, beautiful age.

Get the ticket to click: The ticket office of the beauty spot, guide s service centre of scenic spot marketing included of every ticket office of scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb garden, annual ticket. While buying the favourable annual ticket, must hold effective certificate and one inch and act accordingly and pay attention to.


The intersection of public transit and 9 No., tourist bus No. 1, visit 2, can reach by tourist bus No. 3. There are travel mini trains that can arrive in Zhong Shan Tomb garden, or can rent the storage battery cars of 8-10 in the cemetery park.


In the boundless and indistinct sea of woods that Sun Yat-sen memorial museum locates between Zhong Shan Tomb and efficacious valley temple, it is a lama s classical building of the temple in imitative Qing Dynasty. Chinese Buddhist Association initiated and raised building in 1934.
Floor this articles are built, have another name called Cang JingLou for collecting Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Mainly include the main building, monk s room and three parts of tablet corridor, the area is up to more than 3000 square meters, lay out into Sun Yat-sen s classical water chestnut now, exhibit and present with respect and fit the precious historical data of the grand ceremony.
The main building amounts to three layers, in order to expound doctrines and experiences in the hall, and insert the floor to listen to the flat in the ground floor; The second floor is for Tibetan Scripture, read to pass and the research room; The third floor is Tibetan Scripture room.
The intersection of cloister and cliff side inlay, build, have that Feng YuXiang general donate behind the floor The the Three People s Principles put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen Theory full text stone inscription, 6 is spoken altogether 138 yuan, count more than 155,000 words. Say by the calligraphist at that time Zhang NaiGong separately each time, Chen TianXi, sea, Li QiChen,et al. wrote repeatedly, it is a group of books that carve the all good precious historical relic.