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Efficacious the intersection of valley and temple Efficacious valley park) Travel Nanjing of China

Efficacious the intersection of valley and temple Efficacious valley park) Travel Nanjing of China

Write: Harva [2011-05-23]

Efficacious the intersection of valley and temple      Efficacious valley park)  Travel  Nanjing of China

Open hour

The open hour of scenic spot: 06: 30- 18: 30


1,The ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb scenic spot, 80 yuan, include Zhong Shan Tomb, efficacious valley temple, Music Radio, Sun Yat-sen memorial museum of beauty spot. 2,A series of tickets of scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb scenic spot, bright filial piety hill scenic spot, 130 yuan, include all beauty spots in two scenic spots.

Holding a series of tickets can take the block of scene and visit the mini train free. 3,The annual ticket of Zhong Shan Tomb costs 150 yuan, besides containing all beauty spots in two scenic spots, also include palace, Purple Mountain observatory, Zhongshan Botanical Garden of white horse s park, mendicant Buddhist monk s mountain range mountaintop park, beautiful age.

Get the ticket to click: The ticket office of the beauty spot, guide s service centre of scenic spot marketing included of every ticket office of scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb garden, annual ticket. While buying the favourable annual ticket, must hold effective certificate and one inch and act accordingly and pay attention to.


Taking tourist bus No. 2, 3 can be reached. There are travel mini trains that can arrive in Zhong Shan Tomb garden, or can rent the storage battery cars of 8-10 in the cemetery park.


The efficacious valley temple lies in the east 1 of Zhong Shan Tomb of Nanjing. Place of 5 kilometers. Call the intersection of mountain and temple Jiang originally, establish in Liang Tian to supervise 13 years (514) the Southern Dynasties ,It is the military emperor s famous monk s treasure in order to bury of roof beam that visits the temple set up. Chose to be the royal cemetery park by clock Shanxi forbidding after founding a capital in Nanjing in the Ming Dynasty, bright emperor who found a state move get the intersection of clock and the intersection of Shandong and southern foot temple right away. After temple build up, bright emperor who found a state grant volume the clever the intersection of valley and Buddhist temple .
Mahavira Temple offers Buddha in the temple; Main road feel hall offer Xuanzang the intersection of Master and clever bone; Pavilion of treasure of Goddess of Mercy offers Goddess of Mercy; There are buildings such as Maitreya hall, grandfather s hall,etc.. The extremely rich forest spring rustic charm around the ancient temple, it has deep pines of efficacious valley that ancient Claim is it whether visit by the most enjoyable stage that be won deep and remote without being soughtly.
Offices and men cemetery died in battle of the national revolutionary army built up in the location of original temple from 1928 to 1935. Turned famous here into a valley park of fairy after the foundation of the state, but still called the valley temple of fairy traditionally.
The park gate is the entrance halls of an three arched doors, with the green glazed tiles on, both sides are the red wall. The question on the door of China The scenic spot of efficacious valley ,Every book of side door of both sides Loose , spring great wave . The due south of the gate has a long near crescent moon shape of hectometre that frees captive animals in the pool, is also called Engineer Wan pool, it is the bright emperor who found a state that transfers ten thousand war industries to excavate according to legend. Enter the gate, pass the rain and say that there is not the roof beam hall.
There is not roof beam hall that gain the name because of enshrining and worshipping immeasurable Buddha. Because the whole building is all built of bricks and stones, there is not roof beam that have no rafter, there is not the roof beam hall to so also called .
This hall is a remaining ancient building of efficacious valley temple. Build at in the year 1381 1368-1398 years) ,In the period of being bright and orthodox 1436-1449 years) . Rebuilt among Qing Kang Xi, Jiaqing, each, but the main structure had not changed all the time. At the the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, clear the intersection of army and the intersection of river and camp of Nanjing University have this. Wall submit a written statement to carve the the intersection of Premier and testament of Sun Yat-sen in the hall, return book, carve national the intersection of revolution and lists of offices and men died in battle. Have roof beam it brings up the rear to be died in battle the intersection of offices and men and first cemetery, together with lie in the intersection of things and every 300 meters tomb this Second, third cemetery bury Northern Expedition and resist against Japan died in battle the intersection of offices and men and 1029 together.
Behind the loose arcual tomb wall of wind pavilion is the loose wind pavilion, build above dozens of steps, the pavilion is 10 meters high, 41.7 meters wide, two storeys of nine principal columns of a hall, there are cloisters outside, red column is surrounded all around, the second floor is a hollow type, carry and cover the green glazed tiles, blue Deng plays the role of Damien s tomb and wraps the eaves. One tripod is put in the centre of the corridor behind the pavilion. Carve the famous pot hangs down the merit on Four words.
Efficacious valley efficacious the intersection of valley and significant beauty spot clever the intersection of valley and Tamerlan of temple to the intersection of NATO and hectometre in pavilion by loose wind in tower, the tower is 66 meters high, nine storeys of octahedro, the diameter of ground floor is 14 meters, the diameter of top floor is 9 meters, it is granite and armored concrete mixing structure. Built up in 1933, called the offices and men monument died in battle at that time, was commonly called as the nine storeyed tower.
Inside it is spiral to have step it last stone pillar but at,count by 252 grades, each layer with blue glazed tiles last eaves, tower one corridor, corridor, along have stone railings enclose, partial to, are for visitors to lean upon a balustrade and look far into the distance.
Efficacious valley temple beautiful scenery, the pine reaches to the sky, a foot-path is open and deep and remote, the environment is quiet leisurely. Main scenic spot extant as follows, the immeasurable hall, it is a building pulled down from Dulong mound herein in 1381. The immeasurable hall is all built of large brick, do not use the roof beam of a wood one in the hall, is commonly called as not having the roof beam hall . This hall is 22 meters high, 53.8 meters wide, 37.85 meters of depths, divide and do five principal columns of a hall very much, it is the an extant largest one in China that does not have roof beam hall. Among clear salty bumper harvest year, the efficacious valley temple is destroyed seriously. Have not been destroyed because there is no roof beam hall to build by the brick. After the efficacious valley tower lies in the valley temple of fairy. After the major project of Zhong Shan Tomb was completed in 1929, built the revolutionary monument behind the efficacious valley temple, call the valley tower of fairy now. This tower is about 60 meters high, nine storeys of octahedro, all use the reinforced concrete building. Each storey wraps the eaves with the green glazed tiles, there are corridors outside, enclose it with the stone railing. There is a spiral escalator in the tower, can ascend a height and look far into the distance, the ridge hill ancient city, such as the shadow clearly, like into the picturesque scene. These ancient and present architecture and mountains and rivers wonderful scenery, set off in the deep and beautiful sea of woods in the strongly fragrant spring onions, every to late autumn, maple leaf enter fire is multicoloured, the drifting fragrance of the sweet-scented osmanthus, the scenery is very pleasant. The ecological environment of the travel that in order to further improve, plans to build up ten thousand the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region garden this year in the scenic spot, nearly 113.333 hectares in the special type garden of sweet-scented osmanthus among them, there are 18000 of sweet-scented osmanthus in all. The garden design style of the special type is unique, the overall arrangement is quiet and beautiful naturally, the beautiful wood good forest is strongly fragrant, make visitors charmed.