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Chinese marine university travels Qingdao of China

Chinese marine university travels Qingdao of China

Write: Pema [2011-05-23]

Chinese marine university travels  Qingdao of China


The city can take Bus No.s 1, 25, 217 under the road of Huang County, turn east into the red island way, namely reach the more thanth floor .


Qingdao Marine University is a key university of China, here was the site of Qingdao university before 1958, in order to military camp, wheat of Sri Lankan, Germany before being early. Influenced by this factor, the campus is still keeping the style and features of the original German building so far, had already renamed as formally 2002 The marine university of China . A lot of famous writer, such as Lao She, Liang Shiqiu, Shen teach here by BoXiao, big dark,etc. by CongWen, Wen Yiduo, Wu, the famous poet Zang Ke s home was still the students of the marine university of China at that time, and his teacher was Wen Yiduo.
Wen Yiduo former residence The more thanth floor Silent to set up in the northwest corner of the campus, twine rattan of all over tree on the wall. There is a flower bed in front of the building, are erecting Wen Yiduo s half-length marble statue in the centre, the tablet inscription on the seat is his students Zang Ke s family wrote. There are two cedars on both sides of flower bed. Have already developed now on the more thanth floor Wen Yiduo former residence exhibition room . The rough granite wall, red semicircular tile is covered and carried, the narrow and long window is decorated with the beautiful Western-style pattern relief, the overall arrangement is intact so far to keep original pattern in the floor, have seemed already simple and unsophisticated and refined, have much exotic atmospheres.