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The bright green pavilion travels Nan Ping of China

The bright green pavilion travels Nan Ping of China

Write: Chaitra [2011-05-23]

The bright green pavilion travels  Nan Ping of China


The bright green pavilion takes up an area of 40 hectares on rock of Lion Rock phoenix of urban area of Nan Ping, near the mountain and by the river, have attractive scenery. Because the small stream bright mountain is green, gain the name in bright green pavilion . The bright green pavilion once had gardened that led to the building of the hall, Mahavira Temple, connecting dragon s bridge and eight watchtowers etc. in history, the whole building colony is in picturesque disorder, spectacular, once famous questions of people united the cloud the latent fog of bright floor was far better than Peng Lai fairyland, the green pavilion is connected with the cloud not inferior Lingshan scene . Rebuild and extend many times Qing Dynasty, in the the ten years of turmoil, ancient to stop and has been destroyed, in 1971, because the south was (flat) Military (safe mountain) Highway widen, ancient to stop and is destroyed.
Will it be the beginning the eighties, religious policy get further implementation, bright green pavilion can be repaired again under energetical to subsidize internal and external believer. Nowadays, the whole the intersection of temple and the intersection of garden and coherent hall, Mahavira Temple, hall, the intersection of king and hall, Tibetan king of ground, meet the intersection of dragon and bridge, octagonal pavilion, the intersection of Buddhist abbot and the intersection of floor,etc. and building, totally repair according to the former state, and reinvent the gold body of statue of Buddha. Especially king s hall of seven storeys is high up in the air wants to fly, the imposing manner is outstanding, before the scale is won. A lot of relief, mural painting are characteristic in the pavilion, it is the rarity of the Chinese ancient building. After the late original Chinese Buddha association long Zhao Pu visits for the first time, call it China rarely.
Statue of Buddha in today turn on at the smooth grand ceremony, by the biography filial piety Master from Taiwan, will fix Masters tomorrow, round dust Master, the net family property temple abbot of south mountain of the end of Xi an melts Masters round, long round timid Master of Jieyang Buddha association of Guangdong, Nanping City Buddhism association honorary chairman only honour Master, Nanping City Buddha association pool dishes of Masters long, generation think whether there are Masters for light to celebration to Deputy Chairman.