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Hang the mound and travel Nan Ping of China

Hang the mound and travel Nan Ping of China

Write: Linzi [2011-05-23]

Hang the mound and travel  Nan Ping of China


It is the place of production of biological mode sample in the world to hang the mound, vertebrate s sample is up to 50 multi-type alone here, and there is biological species named in order to hang the mound, such as hanging the mound crow tit (characterized kind of mountain of Wuyi) , hang the intersection of mound and the intersection of corner and toad, hang the intersection of mound and the intersection of scale and maos of brake,etc.. There are biological samples that hang the mound from China of a lot of collection in Britain Great Britain Natural History Museum.
Hang the mound not only the biological species is various, but also the scenery is pleasant. Hang mound waterfall 40 meter high, 6 meter wide, rush down and leave from cliff, hang like curtain, disconnected to like fog, if snow wafts, enters the deep pool directly, the noise shakes the ear, the wet clothing of fog flies. Hang 3.5 kilometers for a gleam of total length of mound, zigzag, high and precipitous and deep and serene honestly, ancient tree reaches to the sky by one, leaves are luxuriant, such as the room of natural canopy; It hang mound three residential areas more old occasionally,in accordance with mound hung in height above sea level different to divide intoing, in mound will hang, lay to last mound. In in if you can t mound will hang, there is one place French church sites ancient building in Catholic Father for 1872 year, French Catholic Father preaches here on one hand, carries on bioscience and does in the test and gets rid of and examines the activity on the other hand, and then this church moves to three harbours of Kimura of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree.
The colorful disc here flutters, the chirp chirp of bird s sound, the purt purt of worm s sound. A lot of scattered rare and endangered plants of nature by the small stream, seize such as fragrant fruit tree, Mount Huang lily magnolia, goose s palm (similar to the mandarin jacket, commonly called as the wood of mandarin jacket) , silver the intersection of magpie and tree,etc., keep, have a intact one to be tertiary to degrade surface, here whether one make biologist cherish, Promised Land of Athos that lets visitors appreciate.