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Travel in the excursion district of too clear scenery Qingdao of China

Travel in the excursion district of too clear scenery Qingdao of China

Write: Vinata [2011-05-23]

Travel in the excursion district of too clear scenery  Qingdao of China


The excursion district of too clear scenery lies in the southeast of the scenic spot of Lao mountain, flowing in the main road along being profound from Qingdao urban area can arrive to walk 40 km to the east. The scenic spot is named with the famous temple hall Taiqing Palace, is abbreviated as too clear scenic spot. Scenic spot located in in the intersection of treasure and Pearl Mountain, the intersection of treasure and 7 mountain peak of Pearl Mountain from the Northeast and the intersection of the west and three encircle one this, border on the sea valley, have formed special geographical environment. The highest peak of the treasure Pearl Mountain is called Old monarch s peak ,On the left of it sequentially The garden peak of the peach , peak of looking at the sea , east China s peak ; On the right sequentially The Double Ninth Festival peak , spiral shell s peach bee , west Wang Feng . These 7 mountain peaks have blocked the cold air from the North. Bay in the south.
too clear gulf by name ,Warm wet air current is sent here from sea frequently, make here form the subtropical climate environment, so people call here Lao mountain is small in the South . Analyze from traditional feng shui art, this is really a rare treasured place. In the numerous Taoism temple halls of Lao mountain, there is the earliest front yard of grandfather of Taoism of Lao mountain recorded in Taiqing Palace. Taiqing Palace, from newly establish, go through, two do history for many years already to now, every the intersection of dynasty and every generation nearly go on, repair fine and soft, its architectural style has been still keeping the typical style of the building of Song Dynasty all the time so far, in this every religious architecture in China, it is extremely rare too. So can say, too clear scenic spot is the scenic spot of the representatives representing Taoism s culture in the scenic spot of Lao mountain. Taiqing Palace takes up an area of and equals affiliated facilities such as the hall, female way institute,etc. for 30,000 times, there are more than 150 rooms in all. Special geography, climatic condition and long Taoism culture have offered for various plants and eaten the good living environment.
Here is a large branch of the ancient garden of China temple garden at the place where Lao mountain forms the style system first. Visitors can see not only the temperate zone plant grows here, but also there are a large number of subtropical plants, such as dense bamboo grove, fresh and green tea garden, palm, wide Yulan, brown sugar,etc.. The more valuable one is that a large number of ancient trees grow here, the ancient and well-known trees are distributed in the place largest, plentiful in density at the whole Lao mountain scenic spot. The stone of the ladder lies in the west of too clear Taiqing Palace of scenic spot, the southeast slope of peaceful haze. Commonly called as nose of King of Hell. Climb up from the foot of the hill, to half way up the mountain, a narrow precipitous stone is passed, such as an upright ladder, thus come the name of. Jimo poet Lan Shui has clouds of poems: Every trade moustache is stopped, it is terraced that the foot-path sets up sometimes. The stone step reveals ring upon ring, it is crowded that the hill-side is narrow and narrow. The intersection of high official position and getting happy way, sea hope ins and outs. If want to hinder the person that has come, must seal the valley mud of the letter. The largest Taoist temple of mountain of Taiqing Palace Lao. Lie under old monarch s peak of too clear scenic spot. Enclosed with hills on three sides, has been close to the sea ago.
Establish in, build annual Yuanyuan Western Han Dynasty 140 B.C.) ,Belonged to clearly and sent the cogongrass mountain one, really sent grandfather s front yard with the mountain after Yuan Dynasty for being complete. In the 13th year of perpetual calendar in Ming Dynasty, changed into sea printed the temple, destroyed the temple and replied the palace in the 28th year of perpetual calendar, and extend as appear the scaling progressively. Cover an area of 30,000 square meters, about 2500 of floor area, have 150 more than of room in all, divide, cut into a mountain the intersection of door and independent three the intersection of officer and hall, three clear hall, three the intersection of emperor and the intersection of hall and 3 palaces of enclosure only. Three officer hall halls are able to bear winter trees, tree age is about more than 600 years, it is a treasure of Lao mountain. Pu Songling the fragrant jade able to bear with hall this tree red deep red incarnation of snow, woman of clothing, winter in the the Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio , set up the stone engraving under the tree Deep red snow Two words, in order to show; There is an ancient elm in the east outside three clear halls of doors, 18.2 meters high, always do Qiu branch, twine obliquly out, like the tap, so call the leading elm, it is old to have another name called the elm country; There is cypress of ancient Chinese in three clear halls of courtyards in the west, the tree mainly depends on stalwart Ling Xiao for a living, twine the direct tree-top of cypress of Chinese. In chinks in place of 6 meters of another cypress, are longer than a Chinese sumac, form a wooden three-tree, it is a great wonder of Lao mountain. Taiqing Palace is once Israel The fresh water moon very much Its reputation lists one of the mountain 12 scenes of Lao. Rescue the side hall in a palace or temple that is adjoint to with three emperor halls in the bitter hall Taiqing Palace, enshrine and worship and rescue bitter day one, called and rescued the bitter hall. It is said this person rescue help, rescue bitter generation specially bitter day, save common people and break away from the sea of bitterness, help common people to free from the predicament. Close shrine Taiqing Palace of high mountain and appear in three clear halls several steps westwards, but close the shrine of high mountain, the ones that were enshrined and worshipped inside are two military officers in ancient times in China, one star Guan Yu when being the three countries, one is star Yue Fei in Song Dynasty.
Among the people in China, it is loyal and righteous to always regard them two as Representative. Meet with the celestial bridge and lie outside the informal drawing room of the west of hall of three officers of Taiqing Palace. It is said Liu if clumsy in one New Year s Eve early morning behind the snow that year, see an old man in this place, the true man does not originally care, old man talks with he to turn round to go after a few words. The true man suddenly remembered that did not ask where the old man came from, have to seek his footprint in the snow, where to know it is only two footprints which the old man step on while standing under the tree in the deep thick snow of half a chi, find third foot cherry, come here again, true man Liu realize the truth just now oneself ran into immortals, in the stone, in order to remember this at this moment afterwards. The dedicated true man hole lies in the side hall in a palace or temple of the hall of three emperors. During the Wanli years of Ming Dynasty, ever the monk and Taoist priest of once happens to fight for the dispute in the ground in Lao mountain Taiqing Palace, Geng YiLan as Taoist priest of Taiqing Palace, dared to struggle, lasted 16 years, won a lawsuit at last. Because of Geng YiLan It is a true man that sealed) Safeguard Lao mountain Taoism and gain merit, the Taoist priest sets up the shrine for it. The supernatural water spring lies under the step outside door of three clear halls of mountains of Taiqing Palace in too clear scenic spot. The spring pool is 0.8 meters long, water is 0.9 meters deep, called the mountain first spring of Lao usually. Its water quality is limpid and sweet and cold, do not dry up long-termly. Carved with supernatural water spring of about 0.3 meters in diameter by the spring on the cliff 3 words, spread it for Liu RuoZhuo s question.
The fishing platform lies in too clear gulf in too clear southeast of scenic spot. Higher than sea more than 1 meters, sharpen while being flat very, the intersection of area and square meter of black pigment blue and green huge stones. Gain the name because of should go angling in the coast ing. There are one a word poem the stone: The whisker old man of large bamboo or straw hat with a conical crown and broad brim one of a alpine rush or palm-bark rain cape one, 3.33 meters of long poles and an inch of hook, water one bright moon of a mountain one, a person angles for a sea autumn alone. Mound of the Eight Immortals lies in too clear Lao hilltop of scenic spot. It is one side that faces the metamorphic rock in the sea. Its cliff is taken of pieces of red, white, blue and green extremely clearly demarcated horizontal rock. The precipice carries the spy stone such as tall building, below is an open platform, are arranging over ten square stones not of uniform size neatly on the platform. The big one is seven or eight meters wide, the small one has three or four meters too, and color is different, the legend is the place for having a rest while crossing the sea in the Eight Immortals, thus come the name of. Once with celestial mound of Jiao of sea If you can t praise, list in Lao mountain 12 Jing. Too white stone lies in the north of too clear Taiqing Palace of scenic spot. Go up north along the intersection of Ya and the intersection of mouth and the intersection of ladder and stone, mount overth the intersection of stone and steps, left to have one loud stone of rectangle, carve too white stone on 3 forceful and simple and unsophisticated big characters. Saya Shiraishi adjoins the peak of Jasper Lake very much, right depends on the peak of the flat peach, stand with the view platform behind, it is the good place to view and admire the scenery.
Lao hilltop lies in too clear southeast corner of scenic spot. It is a cape peninsula, the east west trend. If the highest peak is precipitous to pares, 373 meters above the sea level. There is the cape red, white, yellow, blue and green and a variety of alternate, the sea where the demarcation line is well arranged is turbid to break the precipice. Mount the peak, split above the top of the waves directly at the cliff of several 33.33 meters under the foot.