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Cataract of Green Dragon travels Nan Ping of China

Cataract of Green Dragon travels Nan Ping of China

Write: Welch [2011-05-23]

Cataract of Green Dragon travels  Nan Ping of China


40 yuan


The hired car will go, seat one of 7 people one is about 200 yuans


The mountain Green Dragon cataract in Wuyi lies in the upper reaches on mountain nine small streams in Wuyi, the exceedingly high river gorge in the national nature reserve of mountain of Wuyi, have the intersection of Green Dragon and the intersection of cataract and waterfall, exceedingly high the intersection of river and Grand Canyon, ask day stone, haphazard the intersection of stone and silver wave, cool the intersection of dragon and saliva, the intersection of emerald and dim, Long Xiang the intersection of 9 days,etc. and more than ten scenes in the gorge
Green Dragon of Wuyi mountain the intersection of cataract and scenic spot visit dishes of 2300 of total length, locate in, rupture, lead, the terrain is dangerously steep, the community of forest is almost primitive. Green great wave seethes perennially, vigorous, biological species in the middle subtropical zone can find the trace here, gorge it visits whom dishes of both sides is lists to be rare to have 100 multi-type to view and admire the varieties of trees, these are fancy, the intersection of view and unique rare famous and precious flowers and trees, and flowing in the gorge spring cliffside waterfall reflect, stay into it, is like the Fairyland, the Land of Peach Blossoms.
Cataract of Green Dragon and week border district tape are determined it is Wuyi place where the negative oxygen ion has the highest content in the mountain air, average each c.c. reaches 67,000, the highest point is that each c.c. reaches 136,000 and each c.c. and reaches 112,000 respectively, it is a qualified natural oxygen bar.
Cataract of Green Dragon has force 3 in all to take the form of ladder 120 meters high, 40 meters wide, the waterfall carries rising to the sky from the precipice, like coming down from the Heaven, make people very apt to remember Li Bai fly and flow to leave 1,000 meters directly, as if the Silver River were falling from Heaven Verse,unless unless impressive in waterfall, last thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, drive straight on to by deep valley, last place water, the pearl flies to spatter the jade, thunderous sensation. The splash that the waterfall strikes is grand and incomparable like a thousand clusters of snow lotuses burst forth the pool. It is reported Green Dragon cataract most that Fujian Province find at present in cataract. It is grander (high 46, 7m, width 75m) that more zigzag than well-known Zhou Ning County to hold a memorial ceremony for the waterfall . In East China, the section that cataract of Green Dragon makes up at its height, width, water yield, the area has exceeded famous Mount Lushan incence burner the peak waterfall, Mount Huang People The waterfall of the word, has even exceeded the about 190 meters high, wild goose about 20 meters wide to swing the mountain Da Long Qiu waterfall, especially in dry season, Da Long Qiu splash splashes only, and cataract of Green Dragon still still surges forward, worthy of the name First waterfall in East China .