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Mountain of the ninth Fujian Quanzhou of China

Mountain of the ninth Fujian Quanzhou of China

Write: Randolph [2011-05-23]

Lie in the intersection of Nan an and abundant the intersection of state and town, from the intersection of Quanzhou and the intersection of city and 7 of west door, classify as the Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection of the province in 1961. Prayed for the stone engraving of wind in Song Dynasty on the mountain, classified as the national Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection in 1988.

Mountain elevation is more than 90 metres on the ninth, bow and face Jinjiang. The peak of the west three of the Northeast stands towering, there are white cloud depressed places in China Low ebb. Go out of the mouth of depressed place and have The Bodhisattva spring , go straight and sound rapidly, to music . Three peak trees are verdant and luxuriant, the empty bird s twitter of mountain, the delightful serenity of seclusion is overflowing with.

The name Gao ShiFeng in Xifeng, gain the name because Tang poetry people the Qin s lives in seclusion herein; Because its item have stone first of Buddha, also call the stone Foshan definitely. Stone Buddha Amitabha, will it be 3 years (965) such as Der such as the universe Northern Song Dynasty Hong Chen enter advocacy, carve, hide stone to partial to the statue of Buddha construct shady charcoal pavilion while being extant ,Built in Qing Dynasty.

The volume stone engraving of the door Leave in the temple in the cave heaven ,Have on the mountain The stone view , stone basin , translate and pass the stone , look into the distance stone , without,etc. the hole ,There are its historical anecdotes. It is said that turns over and passes the stone It is that that the Indian eminent monk is arrested in the Southern Dynasties Luo s top translates its place of Sutras here.

The east peak is commonly called as Chinese unicorn s peak, have another name called Jiang XiangFeng. Tang DeZong is banished prime minister s ginger commonly and complemented and builds the hut to live in seclusion here. Jiang XiangTai in front of the hut ,Chant the huge rock of the whistle for its pitch; There are ginger looks tombs in its east hillfoot, intact so far.

Mountain of the ninth There is not stone that does not carve characters in the mountain . Keep 75 segments of inscriptions on precipices now, according to content, hand in and pray for 13 segments of wind in the sea, the scene mark inscribes 15 segments, travel notes poem carve 11 segment, step on, look at, leave behind a good reputation 29 segment, build record event 7 segment, have 1174- 1266 years among them (at the Southern Song Dynasty) Narrate and hold a memorial ceremony for the sea God and pray for ten segments of stone engraving that the wind obeyed, have alone most, it is the precious relics of maritime Silk Road of Quanzhou.