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The clay cattle travels in nurse s ecological tourist zone forever Quanzhou of China

The clay cattle travels in nurse s ecological tourist zone forever Quanzhou of China

Write: Langworth [2011-05-23]

The clay cattle travels in nurse   s ecological tourist zone forever  Quanzhou of China


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Set out from Quanzhou, leave south cycle south Angola to go straight, to Anxi, continue, walk provincial road fight in town, horizontal towns through the intersection of lake and the intersection of head and town, sword, it is walking 2 kilometers to the north to get (about 130 kilometers, takes 4 hours in the whole journey) promptly


MuLin Niu, also call the intersection of nurse and the intersection of forest and mountain, because whether tendency, like nurse Niu, the pregnant son cherishes the treasure And gain the name.
The intersection of nurse and forest Niu lie in the intersection of Fujian Province and the intersection of Yongchun and the intersection of county and west. It is the national AAAA grade tourist zone, the ecology of Fujian Province, popular science educational base, the base of moral construction demonstration of the little citizen in the province and one of the 18 scenes of Quanzhou; It is the south of Fujian Province area that keeps the most intact, most characteristic virgin forest colony, have the intersection of nurse and forest Niu come back without watching the forest Good reputation,reason hero, strange, wild, vast, beautiful, imprison Praised as the south of Fujian Province Xishuangbanna.
The intersection of nurse and forest Niu forest large and dark green, deep and secluded valley alternate, one hundred beast gather, flowing water murmuring, form mountain surround quiet and tastefully laid out, charming, beautiful, deep beautiful scenery that ink wind, it is people that are on intimate terms naturally, known the natural one naturally, come back Xishuangbanna . There is multi-type of vascular bundles plants 1800 here, natural oxygen bar, forest bath taste more than 50 beauty spots such as the blue flower nursery, cuckoo s depressed place, Baicaoyuan Garden, lover tree, cash cow, spring waterfall of butterfly, sharp view day of mortar, have, slip away, ask for in the sky, slippery grass taste the camp of field operations, roast and taste simulation to hunt and taste places of entertainment such as the shooting, archery range,etc., and the scientific education exhibition hall, all these will make you enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home.
The animals and plants here are various in style, has already found out now, there are 760 kinds of 135 families of vascular bundle plant in the district, hit the constellation axle lily magnolia altogether, clock the intersection of calyx and wood, China cypress, half Chinese sweet gum carry on one s shoulder or back, Fujian Phoebe nanmu, Fujian the intersection of Hubei Province and camellia, white the intersection of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and wood, Chinese yew, ormosia tree, blue and green wingceltis,etc. rare and endangered to list in the country, blue and green the intersection of money and willow, remote mountains blue and green with a smile, classify as the precious varieties of trees of the whole province by yellow wingceltis in one hundred days, among them there is ox s nurse s forest The treasure on mountain of the town Claim moneys blue and green that the willow forms rare still at the whole province,there are several one of the whole provinces even more on community big.
There are 118 kinds of 54 families of wild vertebrate, among them 11 kinds of animals such as boa, Squama Manis, serow, zibet, rasse, hawks, silver pheasant belong to the national key protection target, there are wild butterfly 73 kinds besides, among them phoenix s butterfly of gold spot beak belongs to the first-grade state protection.
Though the intersection of nurse and forest Niu have a burning incense of a temple, its unique forest view, glamour infinite, step into the intersection of nurse and forest Niu as you, seem to place oneself in the midst of the cradle of the nature, come into one magical forest world; Walk in the forest, that is through a first rays of the morning sun of the tree crown, make people completely relaxed and happy, fresh air and endless one are fragrance, ooze people s heart, make people so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Just as maritime the intersection of Peng Lai and island, the intersection of human world and the Peach Garden, the intersection of nurse and forest Niu under mountain in the works of the poet, defeat immortals happily. The intersection of Yu and show flow the intersection of nurse and forest Niu of musical sound, spring, bright mountain flowers in full bloom, one hundred bird sing merrily, wear upward life while being rising everywhere; In summer, the flowing water is gurgling, cicada s sound is without cease, green tree is setting off the cool of oozing people; In autumn, mountain red ravine is green, the fresh breeze blows slowly, the red leaf is singing the clever saying of the nature; In winter, one herd of birds perches, one hundred beasts gather, the mountain of the mortar surges the magical paradise. It one may well say it compete soughing of the wind in the pines bamboo dance flower drive,joyous spring such as flying bird such as butterfly often in .