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Yalong bay shell s hall travels Sanya of China

Yalong bay shell s hall travels Sanya of China

Write: Cahil [2011-05-23]

Yalong bay shell   s hall travels  Sanya of China


Central the intersection of square and admission Includes shell s hall) : 56 yuan for each person. The price of a series of tickets: 69 yuan for each person (including square, shell s hall, butterfly valley in the centre) .


. Thai with bus Line of new country) Route: The west stand municipal Party committee loud East China Sea field alone Yalong bay. Separate it at the interval of 30 minutes each time.
2.The line double layers of new country visit the bus (upper strata in order to open the canopy, there are air conditioners in the lower floor) : Route: Yalong bay large East China Sea Sanya gulf west island quay the ends of the earth. Half an hour and class one, the morning car 7: 00 departs from Yalong bay, the last bus 19: About 00 returns from the ends of the earth, the journey is about 70 minutes, go at the tour speed, the full fare is 10 yuan (charge according to the highway section) .


Shell s products show unique characteristics, exquisite and unique, some shells are rare to see on the market, worth strolling around.
Novel in design and unique in the hall, take naturally hospitable tone as the core, reflect the infinite glamour of the sea floor world, the ones that are known as the land of travel of Hainan Marine world .
The exhibition hall divides into five sea lands and exhibits the multi-type of representative shell 300 of all parts of the world. All kinds of rare and multicoloured shells and coral, a feast for the eyes, the little conch getting from precious nautilus commonly, fill with everything. There are wing gull s clam, lucuriant in design Australian cockle clam, famous red old man s spiral shell and nautilus of living fossil which symbolize the pure angel,etc..
Can view and admire the earthworm clump spiral shell weighted, glittering gold treasure s spiral shell like old man coolly here, wing spiral shell, huge snake s spiral shell in south Hainan, China of the angel in the Atlantic Ocean, can be rated as the first in the world. After viewing and admiring, do not miss that and is called ship of the shell Shopping drawing room,from sea floor present when lasting several pieces at there, be lasted bright blue memory.