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Institute of Shaoyang Hunan Shaoyang of China

Institute of Shaoyang Hunan Shaoyang of China

Write: Susan [2011-05-23]

Profile of institute of Shaoyang

The institute of Shaoyang was established in 1958, it was full-time state-run universities and colleges of undergraduate course approved by national Ministry of Education, belong to the executive of the people s government of Hunan Province. Is located in the urban area of Shaoyang of Hunan Province, 207, 320 national roads, profound railways (Luoyang of Lip river of next-door neighbour? Shao Yang? Zhanjiang) And the upper auspicious expressway (Shanghai? Ruili of Yunnan) The intersection of pool and Shao piece (Hunan pool? Shao Yang) .

Easily accessible, life is convenient, with beautiful environment, widen in the campus.

The campus area is 111.667 hectares, the school building is with an area of 380,000 square meters. Fulltime ordinary one, training students are 14905. Full-time teacher is 750, chief and vice professors are 290 among them; 214 people with doctor s or master s degree and graduate student s education; Enjoy to 9 special subsidy experts of government who the State Council of China issued, engage academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering once professors of the people Su as the part-time professor throughout the year of our academy, and it is part-time professor and visiting professor to engage 40 famous experts, scholars of China; Engage many foreign teachers throughout the year.

Has presided over and participated in more than 120 scientific research tasks above the province level together in the past 3 years, among them national natural science 1 fund, fund 1 subject of social science, national educational program 1 subject, the number of key subject of national Ministry of Education is one; Obtain 2 prizes of achievements of national-level scientific research, 23 items of prize of achievements of scientific research at provincial and ministerial levels, 25 items prizes of achievements of national-level and provincial outstanding teaching, 22 items national patents; Publish 2500 more than of scientific paper on disclosing periodical, China key periodical deliver more than 700 among them, 72 are included by international authoritative retrieval system; Publish 66 academic monographs.

The initial value of teaching equipment is more than 57,920,000 yuan, 1,195,000 volumes of books in storage, more than 2570 kinds periodicals of Chinese and foreign language. There are 70 all kinds of comprehensive 20 laboratories and base of educational production practices, have already built up modern high-speed campus network of integrated application such as teaching of network and network office administration.