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The south mountain temple travels Sanya of China

The south mountain temple travels Sanya of China

Write: Magan [2011-05-23]

The south mountain temple travels  Sanya of China


1,150 yuan.
2,Student s identity card, officer s identity card, old card,etc. can all enjoy half price.
3,It is generally here to sell the time of ticket 8: 30- 17: 00, There is adjustment on special festivals or holidays.
Especially point out:
1,Goddess of Mercy of the gold and jade sells the ticket independently: 20 yuan for each person.
2,From July 1, the south mountain scenic spot begins to enter the fragrant activity in civilization, forbid burning greatly and fragrantly, give the line spices without exception now.
3,It is relatively expensive to sell the local price of clothes of island at many gates of tourist zone, propose going to the first market to buy.


Drive by oneself: Go to expressway on the roundabout, there are signposts on the way, it is all right to drive all the time along the signpost.
Self-service trip:
1,Public transit: Take Yalong bay all kinds of cave heaven New for travel for Palestine for mountains getting south to be more reach,backward stroke time is for the 19th regular bus at the latest; The minibus taking the south mountain at the station in the west of the car, ticket price is 4 yuan. Sanya urban area liberates two No. many to go to south mountains and little buses of travel of the ends of the earth.
2,Take a taxi: Take advantage of urban area taxi 50- 100 yuan) ,Sanya the west stand nearby call a taxi than cheap but bus little.
3,Take of new the intersection of country and the intersection of line and double-decker bus or stand, make minibus to the ends of the earth from urban area from west, 5 yuan / person, then take the minibus from the ends of the earth or call a taxi to the south mountain, 5 15 yuan for one.
4,Buy the bus tickets of cities of precipice from the master station of car of Sanya, 9 yuan for each person, to go to the crossing of the south mountain to get off, can ask the driver or conductor, then make the local motorcycle to the gate of scenic spot of south mountain in the concrete place, it is generally 5- 10 yuan for each person. 5,If get accommodation in the south mountain guesthouse, that can take Sanya hotel regular bus on south mountain free, it is generally 10: 00 sets out from large East China Sea to south mountain, 3 of afternoon: 00 sets out from south mountain guesthouse to Sanya urban area, need booking ahead of time
6,There is storage battery car that connects every beauty spot, 20 yuan for each person in the south mountain.


Whole temple powerful, have, have the intersection of benevolence and Wang hide etc. by hall, Mahavira Temple, the intersection of things and side hall in a palace or temple, Bell and Drum Tower, runner, can enshrine and worship separately door god moan Kazakhstan two, Sakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha, and pharmacist Buddha, 16 arhat,etc.. It can be to the only effective means square to come out from the audience hall.
The only effective means square The only effective means It is one from the sixth floor of the style, architecture, sculpture of images of a group of characters, beauty spot made up through one, stone engraving, relief, garden of large-scale the Tang Dynasty. Each essays and buildings here all embody Buddhist s thought marrow - no two Idea. The only effective means is gathered around by tall and big silk cotton tree and scarlet kapok flowers on square, must fill the mountain to build in the square, must fill the mountain to live and have numerous god of defending the doctrine. Wind, must fill mountain, enter round stimulate the menstrual flow one ,It is all around Eight dragons Sculpture of images of a group of characters. From moving ahead by one, see the heavenly maids scatter blossoms Stone engraving, stone engraving first tall and big Bodhidharma faces the wall and meditates Relief. Bodhidharma faces the wall and meditates on the high mountain Shaolin for nine years, is honoured as the 28th grandfathers, the beginning grandfathers of China s Zen Buddhism of Zen Buddhism of Western Paradise. The only effective means goes to the song bridge on square, there are lotus pools of eight treasures , the ears are flexible Stone engraving, antique lucky clock pavilion, pavilion of Goddess of Mercy,etc..
Lay a splendid gold and jade Goddess of Mercy on the pavilion of pavilion of Goddess of Mercy, 3.8 meters high, fabrication cost is about 190 million yuan. Here is the only place to accept the ticket in the temple. The south mountain temple is very large, the beauty spot is various, need to take one day to play. You can fully experience strong Buddhism cultural characteristics here.
Relevant history: It is said before the 1200 year, Jianzhen master study abroad the intersection of monk and Rui Rong, illuminate together with Japan and the intersection of Jianzhen and the intersection of apprentice,etc. and 15 people take a sea-voyage eastward Japan for the fifth time, the ship floats the south mountain gulf, go ashore from Ningyuan river mouth, and stay for more than one year in the precipice city after encountering the typhoon, build the hall of the temple during this period, expound doctrines and experiences to cross to people. Later on master Jianzhen takes a sea-voyage eastward Japan and succeeds for the sixth time, so it is the lucky place to praise the south mountain. The south mountain temple selects this good location to build, the famous mountain, famous temple, famous monk s feature are reflected, make here become the first largest Promised Land of Hainan.
Some of the south mountain temple is resented:
1,Take a picture, you had better not strike with statue of Buddha, even that make, either don t let statue of Buddha in one s own direct top.
2,Run into the Buddhist monk, can greet, they may not return a salute to may return a salute either, don t mind, because the Buddhist monk is a monk, do not take notice of courtesy usually very much.
3,The temple generally enters right to appear on the left. 4,Burn joss sticks and visit all sides at the time of supernatural Buddha, a little will face Big Buddhism closest to you first.