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Yalong bay travels Sanya of China

Yalong bay travels Sanya of China

Write: Everilda [2011-05-23]

Yalong bay travels  Sanya of China


Yalong bay central the intersection of square and admission Includes shell s hall) : 56 yuan for each person. Yalong bay butterfly s valley ticket: 26 yuan for each person. The price of a series of tickets of Yalong bay: 69 yuan for each person (including square, shell s hall, butterfly valley in the centre) ,Substantially as living opposite to the butterfly valley the intersection of cactus and resort hotel, according to key being all right for 10 yuan to transfer to a series of tickets (subject to that after consulting hotels specifically) .

Other amusement expenses consult 1, take the ship, 100 yuan (add coach s fee of 30 yuan) . Swim, rent 10 yuan per hour of water wing and if rent the case and keep the clothes or wash and discuss water needs to add 10 yuan (case is one in addition, wash and discuss water is one s price)


Bus: 1. Safe and bus route: The west stand municipal Party committee loud East China Sea field alone Yalong bay. Separate it at the interval of 30 minutes each time. 2.The line double layers of new country visit the bus (upper strata in order to open the canopy, there are air conditioners in the lower floor) : Route: Yalong bay large East China Sea Sanya gulf west island quay the ends of the earth. Half an hour and class one, the morning car 7: 00 departs from Yalong bay, the last bus 19: About 00 returns from the ends of the earth, the journey is about 70 minutes, go at the tour speed, the full fare is 10 yuan (charge according to the highway section) . Taxi:
From airport to about 90 yuan of Yalong bay, large East China Sea about 40 yuan of Yalong bay, from cactus of Yalong bay about 10 yuan of Hilton.
Hotel bus:
Book Yalong bay hotels or take the false products of intensity, there is free meeting at the airport of hotel bus more. The useful bus serves too with Cheng Sanya Pass, sees Sanya shuttle back and forth in bus timetable, Sanya and shuttle back and forth in details the bus use the notes, when can fully utilize the hotel Palestinian car to shuttle between three major gulves, visit each beauty spot.
Stick to the person: The intersection of flight and time and shuttle back and forth bus to be improper, can take double layers go sightseeing bus or new the intersection of country and China and Pakistan of line get large general merchandise, Xia Ri of East China Sea, wait on the road of the gate of hotels, call together and stop promptly. Can wait until, take 40 minutes, the ticket is 5 yuan in more than ten minutes; And then change to No. 8 from Xia Ri s general merchandise commonly to send to the airport, through stopping the prosperous bold supermarket of urban area, the terminus is the airport, the ticket is 5 yuan, train number is numerous, takes 40 minutes.


The sand of Yalong bay is the coral and sandy beach which the shell formed after weathering, wide gentlely, pure white jewelry; Compared with developing the earliest gulf of large East China Sea and Sanya, sandy most superior in Sanya bay. Yalong bay is known as again Eastern Hawaii ,But the length of its seabeach is 3 times of Hawaii of U.S.A..
The total length of Yalong bay is about 7.5 kilometers, incorporate ocean, sandy beach, sunshine, green, fresh air into an organic whole. The sea water is limpid to settle the jade-like stone, the bay water temperature often keeps more than 23 degrees, it is sunny in the whole year. Regard square of the centre of Yalong bay as the central point in the district for holidays in Yalong bay main beauty spot Yalong bay, Yalong bay butterfly valley and Yalong bay shell s hall are for visitors to visit. The huge stone of quay in the south is jagged, the shape is peculiar, there is sudden stone of the ends of the earth tottering ,The vivid one Shekou ,Wonderful workmanship excelling nature Wolf s mouth . There are 5 islands in all in the gulf, regard wild boar s island as the centre on the sea surface, there are east continent islands, west continent islands in the south, there is the east that arrange island, the west and arrange the island in the west. The wild boar can land on the island, buy tickets in the sea floor world entry, line up to go on board and line up to go to the island again.
All kinds of luxurious villas, conference centres, holiday villages gather in Yalong bay, also there is sea floor that visit world first-class auxiliary facilities such as world, maritime sport centre, golf course, yacht club,etc.. Because coast internationally recognized real the intersection of glamour and of hotel these, water quality of Yalong bay best to protect from keeping to use, the ecology is with good environment, the sea water transparency is more than 10 meters. There is a coral growing area of 9 sq. km. here, the key protection zone of coral reef in country class.
Yalong bay golf is known: The professional golf Open of Sanya, Grand prix TCL match among the masters of Europe professional golf of Grand prix of Asia hold the field. Once the digest of high ball was chosen as U.S.A. The ten best clubs of China The first.
The red gorge golf club of Yalong bay: From wait for the drive for less than about 5 minutes while being bold by Sheraton Corp., Wan, green fee is 630 yuan, caddie fee is 160 yuan, ball car costs 260 yuan, the changeroom is 30 yuan.
The spring SPA, MANDARA SPA, tea tree hydrotherapy Yalong bay seabeach main entrance is (free) It if live you at Yalong bay, then go sandy beach to need you to last hotel only but. If you do not live in Yalong bay, spends some attention, water clear sand that can be had a taste of here all the same is white, make sure to keep in mind, fooled by evil mind guide, cost high the intersection of ticket and money it enters to be originally free seabeach. Mainly there are three following entries on the seabeach of Yalong bay: Yalong bay every hotel and ignorant visitor of path nearby may have thought, if buying the ticket of the square of the centre of Yalong bay, could enter Yalong bay seabeach. In fact, from hall, garden of any hotel, or the path by hotels is worn, can all enter the seabeach free.
The sea floor world of sea floor world is the travelling in the company of a maritime project, distribute guests and enter the main entrance of Yalong bay free too. From the parking area of the sea floor world Nearby is the holiday inn) Enter, a very short road, there are many little street peddlers at the edge, it is a free sandy beach to enter. Mostly can collect into the fee of admission with visitor that group come.
If the park greenbelt of strand wants to enter the sandy beach from the square of centre of Yalong bay, want, buy shell hall and butterfly two of valley coupon ticket of beauty spot enter, a little strong taste that buy. In fact, there is strand park greenbelt of more than one kilometer from centre square to the sea floor world, have several path be can go to by the seabeach directlied during that time