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Think in the small stream and travel Shangrao of China

Think in the small stream and travel Shangrao of China

Write: Ermine [2011-05-23]

Think in the small stream and travel  Shangrao of China


10, prolong through ticket of 36 yuan of the village


The small stream is the famous Liaozhai TV & Film City to think. The building thinking in the small stream village is mostly Sri Lankan when the beginning clear for end of Ming Dynasty, store more than 30 now. Among them offer the preface hall The large room, build in the Yong Zheng Year of Qing Dynasty, the house is made up by courtyard, stall, back hall, colored drawing room, kitchen, garden,etc., takes up an area of more than 0.067 hectares, the guest carves meticulously and perfect in the building of the hall, carry for the algae of rectangle in the drawing room, antique, the TV play Liaozhai has regarded here as the other scenic spot in 1987.
Think in 500 meters of villages before prolonging of small stream. Establish in, celebrate 5 years the Southern Song Dynasty A.D. 1199) ,Face the water with hills behind in the village, inlay it while embroidering the natural scenery in the mountain range, clear small stream green river in the silk peak, it is combined that the community of house is ingenious with the natural environment, the mountains and rivers are both as interspersing, poetic and picturesque, the spirit of artistic conception is beautiful. The Ming Dynasty of gateway of the village Open to help the bridge With Buddha s column ,The ones that are made up and built by mouth of water of village in ancient times are offered as a gift lonelily; The house of trade company of Qing Dynasty in the village Shake the source hall , bear the abundant hall , Chengde hall , filial piety friend and concurrently grand drawing room When. three is carved (tile carving, stone carving, wood carving) The craft is consummate, have fully reflected that sends the building characteristics of the local-style dwelling houses, silver storehouse in Qing Dynasty in emblem The room has already rare now at present; offer the preface hall The colored drawing room, a group is antique, draw a picture in the ideal place in order to sample tea, play chess, recite a poem; Yu is on door of one dose of fans of guest s hall, the male genital carves longevity of 96 pieces of different script The word makes up One hundred longevity pictures ,Can be rated as wood carving masterpieces .