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Dacheng Palace of Confucian Temple Hebei Shijiazhuang of China

Dacheng Palace of Confucian Temple Hebei Shijiazhuang of China

Write: Maggie [2011-05-23]

Dacheng Palace of Confucian Temple  Hebei Shijiazhuang of China

Confucius is famous thinker, educationist in ancient times of China, and the founders of the Confucianists. Confucian Temple is also called Confucian temple, it is the place for enshrining and worshipping and offering sacrifices to Confucius. In the 2,000 more than year after Confucius died, past dynasties imperial court, after especially turn on the department and fetch bodyguard s system to establish, worshipping upgrading progressively to Confucius, the greatest sage is the most revered and respected, the exemplary teacher for all ages, reach a point of reaching the peak of perfection.

Therefore all over China, build Confucian Temple everywhere, pay homage to Confucius. So there are a lot of Dacheng Palace of Confucian Temple in China, the more famous one is as follows,

Qufu Confucian Temple Dacheng Palace of Shandong: Qufu Confucian Temple lies in the urban centre of Qufu, it is China that offers sacrifices to the hall of Confucian Temple and builds times initially, the largest one. Also called to the Confucius temple. Dacheng Palace bring up the rear, set up, get into bed hall mainly for the intersection of Qufu and Confucian Temple, before being still towards traditional form of back hall.

Set up the apricot jar in the vestibule, here was the giving lectures in the hall of Confucius former residence, changed it into a main hall of Confucian Temple in later age. In last years of Song ZhenZong, increases Confucian Temple, after the hall is moved, sets up the jar here, the ring around plants apricots, so call the apricot jar.

Built the pavilion on it in Jin Dynasty, reconstructed into a cross spine pavilion of layers of eaves again in the Ming Dynasty, chased into a current situation, . The things two are 40 respectively of Wu, support the famous sage of the past in successive dynasties, first the spirit main fact of Confucianism, amounts to 147 people by the latter stage of Qing Dynasty.

Dacheng Palace builds ( 1729) in the seventh year of Yongzheng ,The layers of eaves have a rest on the mountain, one is nine wide, use the yellow glazed tiles, the eaves column used 10 for column of ten dragons in front of the hall, high relief curl dragon and competent cloud twine column, hall rare for the intersection of it and.

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the Cultural Revolution of 1966 While getting up for the first time, the historical relic in Dacheng Palace is destroyed, the extant shrine was replied same as before in 1983 as the signboard