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Shenyang the Palace Museum travels Shenyang of China

Shenyang the Palace Museum travels Shenyang of China

Write: Frayne [2011-05-23]

Shenyang the Palace Museum travels  Shenyang of China

Open hour

8: 30- 17: 00 (May October) ; 9: 00- 17: 00 (November April) .


50 yuan


Shenyang city takes the cycle, Bus No.s 117, 118, 132, 140, 228, 257, 276, 287, 290, 292, 294, 296 to get off in the east city gate station of China of the Palace Museum, No. 215 gets off at Xihuamen station of the Palace Museum. Can arrive to walk from handsome office of middle street or one.


Lie in the road No. 171 of ShenHe district Shenyang, adjoins with the flourishing middle street, it is the earliest palace buildings of Qing Dynasty which China kept so far, its historical value and artistic value are second only to Beijing s Imperial Palace. Shenyang the Palace Museum build on 1625 year, the intersection of gold and the 1st generation of sweat red to begin to build in Kazakhstan in nguktrum after being.

Nguktrum Kazakhstan, behind the red death, the second generation of Taiji, emperor of sweat, continue building and succeeding. The building arrangement of Shenyang the Palace Museum can be divided into three No.. East Road whether clear the intersection of emperor who found a state and the intersection of nguktrum and the intersection of Kazakhstan and red period build large the intersection of policy and hall and ten pavilion Wang.

Middle Road second emperor since founding of a country emperor Taiji watchtowers on either side of a palace gate large and medium that period continue for being clear, including doors, policy hall, phoenix floors high clears large and it is clear would rather palace, last Sui palace, spread out to last palace, open West Road is that the document expanded in Qianlong period traces back pavilion, Jiayin hall and faces upward in the bright room etc.

. Imperial palace, in Beijing already, but he patrols eastward sometimes at the Qianlong Go back to Shenyang to have a look.